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sleep anxiety

Anyone else as crazy as myself and find themselves awake when baby is sleeping soundly...I'm getting sooo annoyed by it!! When LO would wake up at around the same times, I'd find myself waking at those times and waiting for her to get up. Then she started sleeping 7-5 and I'd still wake up around 2 and wait for her and low and behold, she wouldn't get up....Now we're in the wonderful wakeful period and she gets up around 11 and 2-3ish and for some crazy reason, most nights after the 2-3 oclock feeding, I lie in bed and cant fall back asleep for the life of me.  If I do, it'll be at 5ish and shes up for the day around 6.  It's ridiculous!!!! I do have some mild anxiety issues and I'm thinking now may be the time I finally start thinking about medication.  My mind is just racing at those times.  I end up going to bed at like 8 every night because I know I won't sleep great between her getting up and my craziness....anyone else dealing with this?!?!
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Re: sleep anxiety

  • DH and I were just talking about this yesterday!  Sometimes I can swear I hear her crying and I'll wake up and stare at the monitor expecting it to go off, but she's fast asleep.  I think I just dream about her crying...how sad is that?  The sound is constantly in my head.  But yea, I wake up several times a night for no apparent reason and it drives me nuts!

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  • yes, it's terrible.

    it gets better once they start sleeping through the night consistently.  I'm thinking about taking some melatonin so that I can at least fall back asleep easier when I get woken up.

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  • I have this!!!  makes me feel better than I am not alone.  My DD is all over the place with wakeup times and I am constantly just waiting for her to wake!  It is awful!
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