If you have ditched satellite or cable...

Talk to me about how you watch sports. I know we could still get some sports through the digital antenna, but do any of you have a subscription to something like NBA league pass through your streaming service? Is it worth it?

DTV is costing us about 100/month. But I feel bad dropping it because DH loses all the sports channels. Just wondering how any sports fans are doing without cable or satellite.
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Re: If you have ditched satellite or cable...

  • We have cable but DH also subscribes to the MLB digital package so he can watch Yankee games even though we no longer live in NY.

    I think he likes it. He can now watch games anywhere in the house on the iPad. He says he even likes it better that way.
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    I'm not doing well at all and I am close to caving this fall.  I get the subscription to watch the Reds, but outside of that if it isn't on my antenna I don't get it.  It's worse because I live across the country from my teams so they aren't usually featured locally.

    I think all the major leagues except NFL have a pass you can use without cable.  College sports are almost impossible.

    These are of course the legal options.  There are sites that you can stream feeds, but that's a pretty grey area.

  • My FI isn't a huge sports fan, but he will watch the big games. He just streams them online through the site of whatever TV network is airing the game (we do this for big news events as well). We have an HDMI cable going from our comp to tv. So the comp and tv have to be relatively close for this to work depending on how long of an HDMI cable you have. We've been cable free for over a year and haven't missed anything we want to watch.

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  • We have not had tv hooked up since 2010. Dh is able to watch some gameson ESPN3 on the computer and for games he REALLY wants to watch that are not on the computer we go out to a local sportsbar or some place similar and make it into a date as I enjoy watching a game here and there without following a specific team.

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  • Thanks for the responses all! We're going to do the math and see if it makes sense to drop it given the other services we would need, Hulu Plus etc. I think it might be good for us.
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