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Everyone is being mean!

JUST KIDDING! I just had one of those "weird pregnancy touch" stories to share.

So, as some may recall, I'm a preschool teacher. We have this one parent that is really weird and rude and I just don't really like her all that much. Anyway when I was ten weeks she slammed her sweaty hand into my upper stomach and was like "ouuuu babyyy!" and I backed away, cringing, and told her I didn't really like people touching me, it made me uncomfortable. I guess after I walked (ran) away she expressed to her child's teacher how that was rude of me and she was mad. Uh, no you slamming your hand into my ribcage was rude! Well yesterday she comes up to me and puts one hand on my back and the other on my bump and starts rubbing, I probably turned 3 shades darker and involuntarily clenched my fists.Once again she got offended and wouldn't shut up to two other teachers how rude I was being for not letting her molest my body! 

So, today she called my boss (who is also pregnant) and told her how "weird" I was being and that she had just texted me and I was being so rude to her... Uhh, crazy you don't even have my phone number!!!! So, I said I was going to make shirts that said... "Preschool Name // Please don't touch the pregnant women" because obviously me telling her TWICE that I don't like being touched wasn't enough!


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