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Got a job!!! - now what?

Hi everyone, 

I was recently fired from my job due to pregnancy discrimination. I was offered a job offer today for a better paying job 6 mins from home- I feel very lucky and blessed.

I am 19 weeks and I did what most people recommended and did not disclose my pregnancy during the two interviews. I do not know when or how to disclose this without loosing the position. Has anyone had this happen?  

Re: Got a job!!! - now what?

  • I accepted a job at about 16 weeks pregnant and told them when I accepted the job that I was pregnant. Of course the company I work for did not withdrawal the offer because I was pregnant because they are smart and knew they could be sued. I would take your past employer to court since what they did was illegal. 
  • I would disclose right away since you are nearly 1/2 way to your due date.
    They will appreciate the ability to plan around it. A woman started in my department in Feb and just "found out" pregnant and due in August not too long ago. This has not sat too well with our management as they feel like she should have disclosed sooner. Since we are a small team the impact is huge and now we don't have a lot of time to plan for it
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