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Embarrassed to Be on This Board...

I've noticed for quite a while that among all the fun 'It's A Girl!' 'It's A Boy!' posts, there seems to be a lot of negative content on this board.

Sure, my back hurts and I have stuff to vent about, but it is quite sad to me that when someone takes time to post about the POSITIVE things about her pregnancy, the first thing you guys do is mock her, put her down, and search for GIFs to ridicule her.


If you spent as much time walking around the block or doing something productive as you do on your 'GIF wars' and criticisms of other boards (ie December 2013) maybe you'd be having a better pregnancy. Do you even have lives? What did you do with yourselves before you were pregnant and getting catty on The Bump?

I get it, hormones are high when you're making a baby, I have them too, but aren't we all supposed to be grown adults here?

Feel free to prove my point with your ridiculous time-wasting GIFs under this post. I'll be deleting my account so I can find another group of women that actually support each other during one of the most important times of our lives.


Re: Embarrassed to Be on This Board...

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