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Any advice...

My family is still lecturing me for taking my LO out at 2 weeks old. They make me feel like a horrible parent basically because I went to target.. I basically ran in with her to buy diapers, and I kept her covered the entire time. My family makes comments about how I shouldn't have taken her out etc. my LO will be a month old this weekend, and I was really wanting to take my DH out for Father's Day lunch. Does anyone know if its ok to take LO out to lunch to celebrate his first Father's Day. I will keep her covered and pick a nice place, but I don't want to take her if its not safe etc. thanks for any advice!

Re: Any advice...

  • Our pediatrician recommended no crowded places until at least a month, like church, stores, restaurants, etc. We did take DD#2 to DD#1's preschool graduation at 10 days old, but it was outdoors and I kept her covered as much as possible and sat a bit away from the rest of the group, with another mom and her newborn.

    If it were me, I'd probably avoid going out on Father's Day, it will be mega crowded. Perhaps carryout from DH's favorite place instead?

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  • I took my son out at 6 days old, and have been regularly ever since.

    This is you & DH's baby so do what you two as parents are comfortable with. Why shouldn't you take her out as a family to celebrate father's day!


  • DD was born 5/16. She goes everywhere I go. She's been to my son's school, a baseball game, an out of town high school graduation, a restaurant, Target, the dreaded Walmart, Tom Thumb grocery store... She goes where I go...
  • I totally hear you, unsolicited advice is the pits.

    DH and I plan to take DD to a friend's BBQ this Saturday and my SIL all but questioned my sanity.

    My pedi recommended avoiding overly crowded areas such as malls for 8 weeks, but we're using our judgment otherwise.
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  • We've been out and about since about 2 weeks. Our pediatrician had no concerns so long as we kept him at "adult height" if a lot of kids were around.
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  • we had to go to walmart the first day home because i needed some things for me and him. Not a bad parent at all. If you are comfortable taking your LO out that all that matters. 
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  • I stopped and got a cheeseburger on my way home from the hospital. IMO if you take precautions and aren't passing your LO around its nbd.

  • I asked our pedi just yesterday about how soon we can take LO out, just to run errands and stuff. She's 8 days old today. He kinda laughed and said we can take her out wherever we go, and that if people get in her face or try to touch her, we are to "get defensive" and say that her doctor said no touching!
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    We took my oldest with us to lunch when he was 4 days old. We have a preemie this time and we've been under quarantine for six weeks since we came home. If she'd been on time, we would have had her out and about already, considering the time of year. If it was cold and flu season, that might be another story. 
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  • I take her everywhere. I would go if I were you.
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  • DS has been out and about with us almost everyday since he was 3 days old.
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  • Our pedi said to avoid crowds for 2 mos.... But if we needed to go somewhere to keep him covered. We've taken him out but either DH or I sit in the car while the other runs in. I think it's up to each person to do what they are comfortable with!

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  • We've been out and about since the day we left the hospital. Its all on what you feel comfortable with...your baby; your choice!

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    Maybe ask your pedi to see what they say? Obviously we are all getting different advice but you and your DH should do what you're comfortable with. I agree, unsolicited advice is annoying.

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    I asked our pedi just yesterday about how soon we can take LO out, just to run errands and stuff. She's 8 days old today. He kinda laughed and said we can take her out wherever we go, and that if people get in her face or try to touch her, we are to "get defensive" and say that her doctor said no touching!

    This is pretty much a direct quote from my pedi as well, laugh and all.

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  • My baby has been out lots but not to places where people would want to touch him. i.e. church. When we're out I put him in the ergo so he's pretty protected.

    He goes everywhere I go because we've got to get groceries life goes on, especially with 3 kids!
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  • I avoid heavily crowded areas...and people holding/touching LO. That being said, some places you can't avoid, like the grocery store, if you need something. I think you did just fine doing a quick errand with LO covered. As always, follow the advice of doctors too. Maybe you could pick a restaurant with an outdoor patio for Father's Day? Take out is even better!

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  • We were at the pool today, so clearly your family would be appalled. I don't let anyone touch him, stay out of big crowds, stay off public transit, and don't stress it.


  • I asked my doctor about this with DS1 with full FTM paranoia.  She laughed and said, "If babies were that susceptible to germs, they wouldn't be born in hospitals." 

    I take my boys pretty much everywhere I go.  DS1 went to the stable with me at just 2 weeks old, and the twins went with me to pick up diapers at 5 days old.


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    I take her everywhere. I would go if I were you.


  • I would go to brunch with your H. Cover your LO's carrier or wear him. Don't be afraid to go outside!!
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  • Our ped also said to avoid public places like grocery store for the first two mos... but we've already brought her out to eat with us twice. No one's tried to touch her when we go out (and she's slept through both times!). And really, with the number of visitors we've had, I'd be more worried about her catching something that way. Our ped also recommended either keeping her covered, or having Dad carry her since people are less likely to come up to a guy to see the baby. But like I said, I haven't had any problems... maybe its just where we live, people in New England tend to mind their own business in general!
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  • I take Rachel everywhere.  In addition to her and my doctor, we've gone to church, the vet, the grocery store, BuyBuy Baby, SIL's for dinner and I'm sure more places that I'm forgetting.
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  • Honey do what you want! Your family isn't responsible for that baby or anything else you have obligations to, YOU are! I am a single mom with absolutely NO help, no baby's father, no family, no one helps me. So guess what that means? If I go somewhere DD goes with me. We went to the grocery store the day we got out of the hospital because I needed nipple cream.I try not to go a lot of places because of nursing and rest but if I have to go somewhere I go and of course I bring DD with me because I have no choice. Your baby isn't gonna die just because you went somewhere. It would be different if you had taken your LO to a bar or crackhouse, or if it was the dead of winter, or if you went somewhere outdoors for hours. Jeez, you went to target, where its smoke free and air conditioned. Your family has no right to make you feel bad because you went to target. How silly!
  • My pedi also said he recommends no mall or church for 2 months but we have taken him out to eat twice. And I have taken him along to run errands. And to work one day. But I always keep him in the baby ktan wrap so people won't touch him. And he doesn't touch any surfaces that way.
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  • My pediatrician explained to me that the issue is that if the baby gets sick and gets a fever before 6 weeks old it's a trip to the ER, so that is why you should avoid the typical germy places. But if you are practicing good hygiene then you are good to go out. It's not like you're going to let strangers lick your baby. My son has been out in public almost every day since he was 5 days old. I keep him covered up and use hand sanitizer before I touch him if my hands might be dirty. I started a new mom's group today and found that this is a divisive issue that folks have very differing opinions on, so to each her own, but I would be crazy if I couldn't take my son to the places I normally go to.  

  • I have been taking baby out since she was a few days old. The doctor didn't advise keeping her inside and I needed to pick some things up from the store. She's two weeks old now and she goes where I go.
  • Our pedi actually told us to take her out now because it is good for me to get out of the house and LO will fall asleep on most outings.  I just bring hand sanitizer with us!
  • We started taking DD out at about 1 week. Out to eat, to the mall, the grocery store, the park, she spent the whole day shopping with me today. You can't spend your life cooped up in the house, especially this time of year... You'll go crazy. Just don't let strangers touch your baby.
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  • Also my pedi did say if it was winter he would be more worried. With cold and flu season.
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