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Lazy tummy time

E is fairly indifferent about tummy time. She will let me put her on her tummy 45 times a day for maybe 1520 minutes a time. Here is the thing, she is sooo lazy about it. She may try to lift her head up and look around for 30 seconds then she gives up, lays her head down and licks and sucks on her hand for the next 14 and a half minutes. I don't feel like she is getting stronger.

Any suggestions?

DD1 HATED tummy time, she would cry and scream but she would also kick and thrash so she was getting a work out while mad.


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Re: Lazy tummy time

  • This is how L was too, except she'd start screaming.  One day around 3 months, she lifted her head up and started looking around and enjoying herself.  No advice really, maybe try putting something interesting on the ground in front of her.
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  • Have you tried laying her across a Boppy? We did that, and put a mirror down. They looooved looking at themselves!
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  • Sounds just like M! Propping her on the Boppy helped a little but not much. Eventually she just got more interested on her own. I talked to the ped about it at the tine but he wasn't concerned.
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    We mostly did tummy time on my chest. Pedi recommended it because babies will raise up to look at a face more than they will a toy a lot of times. Alice HATED tummy time on the floor.


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  • The Boppy was our go to for a while as well. Or across your lap? Honestly though, even her holding her head steady when you hold her upright or lifting it if she is laying on your chest is working the same muscles.

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  • DS started to really like tummy time once he started noticing flashing lights and mirrors.  We have a Fisher Price snail that has a mirror and the head lights up, and he will hold his head up to watch the lights and look in the mirror.  I also started shaking a stuffed dog that rattles in front of him and he loves that. Good luck!

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  • Thanks everyone!  I will try to boppy pillow more.  Typically, I just plop her on the floor.  Maybe when she starts to enjoy toys more than her hands I might have more success.  She plays with a few toys and likes mirrors but still, hands are the best.  

    She has really good head control when I hold her in a sitting position or on my chest/lap but I'd like her to build her strength to eventually roll and then of course some where down the line crawl.  



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    I put DS on the couch a lot and sit on the floor in front of him. That way he can see my face at his eye level and I can dangle toys and stuff in front of him to keep him interested. It tends to keep him entertained longer that way.
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  • I am not advocating this, but I was pretty lazy with DD and tummy time.  I made sure she got it, but I wasn't super regimented about it.  I think 4-5 times a day and 15-20 minutes at a time is GREAT!   The whole point is that it builds strength up so even if she gives up after looking around a while, she is building tone and muscle.

    Even without really timing DD's tummy time, she developed right according to "schedule".

    Sounds like you are doing great.  Maybe add the boppy, but honestly, it sounds like you are on top of it.  Great job, mama! 


  • DD did not like tummy time on my chest because she would just want to nurse. She was great on DH's chest though. It was their bonding time.

    Even at 20 months, she still likes laying on his chest in the mornings.

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