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1 Year Check-Up Results

So DD just had her 1 year check up (holy moly I have a one-year-old!) and it went mostly well.  Iron levels are normal this time (yay!) and LO was a trooper w/ her shots.

Only thing is that she has dropped slowly over the last six months from 50th percentile, to 25th, and now, to the 10th percentile.  Seems like a big drop to me, though, the pediatrician said it's not uncommon for toddlers to drop as they become more active (and LO has been walking since 10 months, so I suppose that could be why). LO is still nursing, drinking BM while I'm at work, and eating solids, so Dr. said encourage more BFing so she gets more fat in her diet, but try to get her away from MOTN feedings b/c it's becoming more of a comfort thing now. 

We just took her off the bottle during the day (cups only), so now the challenge is to get her to drink milk from a cup.  DH and I were hoping to get her on almond milk instead of cow's milk, but now I'm worried about her getting enough fat since she's now down in the 10th % range. Has anyone else done Almond Milk and if so, how did you incorporate enough fat into your LO's diet? Any suggestions, or should be just do cow's milk?

Thanks for reading! :)

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Re: 1 Year Check-Up Results

  • Nicb13Nicb13
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    Why would you want almond milk over cow's milk? Just curious.

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  • Whole cow milk will give the fat she needs. Also using full fat cheeses, yogurts, and not skimping on fats when making her food.


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  • Since you are bfing I would check on if your dr is using the CDC chart or the WHO chart.  I know at six months we had a drop and I freaked out and then found out they were on the CDC and that would be expected with a bfing baby.  I'm unsure what the chart looks like after that - but I think Bf babies are slower to gain and thus would "drop" if you are on the CDC.

    I know a gal in my office here has a baby with a milk allergy and she still bf's at 2 because her baby won't drink the almond milk.  Thats about the only info I have! 

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  • Fat is essential for their growing brains.  I'd stick to cows milk (whole) and add in yogurt (also whole--stonyfield makes a great plain whole fat yogurt).  Also, avocados have a good amount of healthy fat/calories.  They are great to mix with other fruit for sweetness or by themselves.  My 9 mo old even likes guacamole.  



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    Lurking since I'll soon have a 9 month old. 

    While I agree with PPs that fat is essential to a growing toddler, I disagree that that fat has to come from whole cow's milk.  Yes that's the most common source here in the US, but you don't have to be like everyone else.

    Just make sure she gets lots of fat from other places.  Almond and soy milk are usually fortified with Vitamin D and calcium, but make sure the brand you are using is. 

    Fat sources to consider: avocado, flaxseed, olive oil, coconut milk (in things like (regular coconut milk, coconut ice cream, coconut yogurt), and even cheese/yogurt/ice cream from cow's milk if you so desire.



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  • We transitioned DS to raw whole milk but that was only available temporarily so then we moved to almond milk - but I make it myself. As far as fat, yes, it is very important, but cow's milk is not the best source IMO. It's not easily digested. I give both my kids two teaspoons hemp seed oil daily (for the omega fats). Aside from that, we do greek yogurt, kefir, organic cheese, avocados, organic butter, olive oil, and nuts. DS loves to snack on pistachios and almonds mixed with raisins between meals or in the car.
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