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Positivity Post

My old BMB always did a day for a Positivity Post. It is easy to get hung up on the chaos, weight loss, sleep deprivation, etc. How about we change the pace and post something like this today. Something exciting, something you are grateful for, looking forward to....whatever!
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Re: Positivity Post

  • Good idea! I love being a mom. I am so excited for the summer! We are having her baptism in July and I cannot wait!!!!
    Jenny DiLo
  • Love this :)

     We are leaving for vacation 2 weeks from Friday.  I was initially worried about it, not knowing what to expect from a 4 month old on a road trip, but I am feeling very positive about it, as she has been such a good baby so far, and I'm excited to show her off to the rest of my family that we are going to visit!  I'm also excited to get some sun :) 

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  • This is a good idea. Even though I am beyond stressed about being back at work and I am now learning the meaning of sleep deprivation because dh and I are working opposite shifts and we don't send dd to day care I am so grateful to have the job I do. And it feels great to be climbing out if the hole we got ourselves into during maternity leave.

  • As much as I feel completely lost on what to do about 90 of the time I love my baby boy to pieces and am looking forward to my in laws coming to town for a long weekend. Yes you read that right looking forward to my inlaws! They're great.
  • I am grateful for such a happy, healthy, perfect baby girl.. she's SO smiley, and has just started sleeping through the night. Also I am grateful for my husband who has been such an amazing dad since the moment we left the hospital. He is so considerate of me and my feelings and needs. And we just bought a beautiful house! We are so blessed.
  • Love this!

    I am super excited to be getting away to my parents' beach house this weekend and dressing DD up in her little bathing suits and sun hats!

    Oh and my tennis game is getting really good so I'm pretty happy about that too!   

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  • I am stressed with Final exams at work but that means that summer vacation is almost here.  I can't wait to be home again with my dd.  I have her Baptism, a vacation and tons of bonding time to look forward to this summer!!!

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  • I'm excited that Father's Day is coming up. I can't wait to give my Dad and my husband their gifts!!!!!
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  • I love that DS smiles when he sees me! If we are in the car and I open the door to get him out a huge smile comes on his face, or when someone else is holding him and they start to hand him to me, or if he's just waking up from his nap and I walk over to where he is. It just melts my heart EVERY time!!
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  • I have an excellent dh. I am a SAHM so I take most of the night time feedings, when we were swaddling I pretended I couldn't do it so he'd have to because I was spiteful haha but he usually takes some on the weekends, and always wants to feed him when he gets home from work. He also changes diapers when he is home and wants to hold him. We knew that we wanted kids right away I just wasn't sure how many I would want, and now that I see how helpful he is it makes having a few more sound a lot more bearable.
  • I love this! I am greatful to be ing with LO after my first day back to work knowing he took his bottles after almost a month of unsuccessful tries. I am also happy my sister is cancer free and am looking forward to her spending a lifetime being an amazing aunt to DS.
  • image NinjaNerd33:
    I love this! I am greatful to be ing with LO after my first day back to work knowing he took his bottles after almost a month of unsuccessful tries. I am also happy my sister is cancer free and am looking forward to her spending a lifetime being an amazing aunt to DS.

    Awesome news for your sister!
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  • Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary and the best thing about it is this sweet baby boy we wished and prayed for...So grateful to be a wife AND mom!  Life is good!


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  • Wonderful idea!

    Baby-related: I still can't get over how much I love cuddling with Jake. I don't mind his needy days because it's just that much more time I get to spend with him. Sometimes, when I wake up for his MOTN feeding, I'll stay up to hold him for an addition hour or hour-and-a-half just to get that time with him since I know it's so fleeting. There are times I curse my bladder for making me put him down to go to the bathroom!

    Non-baby-related: I just got a new schedule at work. I've been working Monday-Tuesday-Friday-Saturday for the past two years. In the middle of July, I'll be switching to M-F, same hours as DH. We'll get the same days off and we'll have more time to spend together as a family, and also to travel to visit family. Oh, and my days will be shorter, which is a blessing when you're lucky to get 5 hours of sleep a night.

  • I am so grateful to have off in the summer so I get to stay home with my babies.  My son also melts my heart with his smiles and I just love how cuddly he is.  I am also happy that my toddler has been having less tantrums and DH has started to enjoy our newborn more now that he is interactive with his smiles and giggles.
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