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Anyone else using Mirena? I have had it 6 weeks and I hate it. I've gained weight, have acne and cramping for 6 weeks with 1 real period and every other day spotting all day. Does it get better? Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

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  • You're not alone!  I've had mine for about 9 weeks and have had about 4 days without bleeding.  My doctor said to give it at least 3 months (although it could take longer) for things to regulate. I keep hoping it lets up soon!

  • I got it also. I had cramping for like 2 weeks and then it went away. I had spotting for like a month and 1/2. Then I got real period and it lasted like 2 weeks (I used to only have 4 day periods) Then my next period lasted 1 week and 1/2 and that is all so far. It is supposed to get less though as you go along but that is how long I have had it. I also lost all my baby weight plus 10 lbs then I got this and put all my weight back on...not sure if it is from Mirena, but I wasn't happy. Other than that I don't notice it at all now.
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  • I also lost all my baby weight plus some, and now I'm 10lbs heavier and nothing changed! It is frustrating!
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    I spotted for months and months, also gained 10lbs. I hated it! I had it put in 6 wks pp then taken out at about 9-10 months. I was still spotting daily when I hadit removed. Some people love it, some hate it, I am in the hate group :)
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  • I hated everything about Mirena plus I got knocked up on it! Snazzy right? I'm totally digging my Nexplanon subdermal implant. No weight gain, easier periods, and no increase in acne. My arm hurt like heck the first 2 days, but then again i cramped for like 2 weeks when Mirena was placed so I guess I'd take the swap :)
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  • I got it 6 weeks PP and love it!  I had very little spotting and no cramping.  I have had it about 10 weeks now and have not had a period yet...not even spotting.  So far, so good!  Sorry you have not had a good experience.
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