VBAC success!

Baby Girl was born this past Sunday morning. I had hoped to go completely natural, but the back labor was too much for me and I got an epi.

I progressed fairly quickly - from a 3-4 around midnight to 9cm around 5am. I cried when they told me I was at 9cm since I only got to 8cm with DS. Because DD was having heart decels, the OB suggested using forceps for delivery after pushing awhile. DD came out pretty easily with the forceps, and I just dissolved into a big emotional puddle. Her cord was around her neck and she was sunny side up, so that's what caused the trouble.

I was really skeptical of how other ladies said a VBAC recovery was easier than a c-section recovery because I felt really good after my c-section, but I really do feel great, even with a little bit of tearing.

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Re: VBAC success!

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