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Too early for Braxton Hicks?

The past two days I've had a contraction or two each day. Definitely a contraction...tightening around the belly and pain into the back. I've also had some cramping. I went to the zoo with DD on Sunday and walked around quite a bit, so I figured that's all it was and have just been trying to take it easy and up my fluids. Yesterday and today I'm having some cramping. Is it too early for Braxton Hicks? I'm thinking ill call my OB, but I don't want to be overly concerned for no reason.
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Re: Too early for Braxton Hicks?

  • 16 weeks? I don't think it's too early start, but I'd double check with your OB just in case.

    Starting around 16 weeks, I think noticed few while I was exercising  too. Pretty sure they started around 20 weeks with my first, but it could have been earlier and I just didn't realize what they were at the time.

  • It could be a combination.  A friend of mine is already getting them at 16/17 weeks.  Exercise and dehydration can make any cramping or contracting worse.  I'd call your doc, and in the mean-time, drink up, put your feet up, and take it as easy as you can.  Good luck! 
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  • I've felt a few so far, but not as regular as you. I've read that it is common for second time moms to have and feel them early.

    I would call the doctor and just see what they have to say. I doubt it is anything, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Also, try to drink more water.

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  • Drink water!  Lots of it!  And yeah, I think that's about where mine started last pregnancy.  
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  • I felt them while exercising. I described them to my doctor and she said that they were definitely Braxton Hicks and that when I feel that happening I should stop and rest and back off the intensity of my workout. If you feel nervous about it, you should definitely ask the doctor.
  • Not too early at all. Braxton hicks contractions start in the first trimester, but you don't typically feel them until the second. If you've been really active, sitting down and drinking some water can help or if you get them while sitting, you can go for a light walk. Your best bet is though is to have a drink or two of water, just to make sure it isn't dehydration related. But call your doctor if you want, they shouldn't mind.
  • No, its not too early for BH. I was told by my Dr. that some women can feel them as early as 6 weeks. I started having a few around my 15th weeks mark.
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  • I'm pretty sure they start happening pretty early in the second tri, but mostly are unrecognizable in the earlier stages.  I always found that when I was dehydrated I would get them or after a particularly busy day or after sex.    
  • I'm 19 weeks and I've been having them for over a month. Same with my last pregnancy. Totally normal. Your uterus starts preparing for labor early,
  • not too early, just most women do not notice them. :)  Sounds like you need to drink more water and rest on your left side to see if it helps (though 2 a day is not a real concern...the concern is pain in the back which tends to be from dehydration)
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