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I just want to say that I love how when MH isn't working, LO has been sleeping from 1030 til 4 and has been good at night. Now that he is at work and I'm home by mysel with her, she has screamed for two hours, refuses to sleep or let me pump, and nothing will soothe her for longer than five minutes. Ugh!!!
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Re: Grrr

  • Story of my life! His pedi said LO might be waiting for daddy to get home & that might be why I can't keep him down. He falls right to sleep when he does come home


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    He falls right to sleep when he does come home

    This! The little stinker is fussy all day and the second DH gets home he's like the perfect baby. Of course he's never fussy on the weekend, DH swears I'm making it up.
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  • DD1 was a pro at this. Til this day DH thinks she never cried. Granted she was a saint of a baby and was super easy most of the time. her fussy time was between 10 am and 3 pm. DH would miss all of it. #2 was still a good baby but she was more demanding and was fussy from 5-10 pm. On top of it I had PPD and was a basket case. DH 
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