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Transitioning to crib / daycare

LO just started to daycare today. While there she has to sleep in a crib and I'm pretty sure unswaddled. At home, she sleeps in her swing, in motion, swaddled at night and unswaddled for naps. She's 7 weeks old.

How do you think I should handle sleeping at home now that she's having to sleep in a crib at daycare? She's exhausted tonight because she only got an hour's worth of naps today. I don't want to negate what transitioning daycare is doing but I also don't want her to continue to be exhausted. I do want to transition her into her crib at home, but just don't know if this is the right time.

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Re: Transitioning to crib / daycare

  • Sorry, I don't have any advice, but am glad you posted this.  My LO will be starting daycare in 2 weeks & I am worried about this same thing.  She only sleeps well when swaddled & during the day only sleeps in her swing.  GL to you!
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  • Babies are a lot smarter than I think we give them credit for. They know how they sleep at home vs daycare. This is my LO's 3rd week at daycare and she started off rough in the first week with short naps, etc. She got used to it pretty quick and is sleeping better at daycare and we haven't changed anything at home (until this weekend when we switched her to her crib from the RnP.

    I wouldn't stress too much. She'll adjust and probably pretty quickly. The first week or two might be tough.

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  • I agree that baby will adjust eventually. My ds started daycare yesterday - got two 30 minute naps in the crib and a one hour one being held by the DCP.

    But ask your daycare - I know my provider said they can only use sleep sacks in the crib, but they can use the swaddle ones (like the Halo swaddle sack). If your baby is used to being swaddled, maybe you can send one along each day to help the transition.

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  • rm2013rm2013
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    My daycare allows halo sack swaddles and swaddle me brand swaddles. Hopefully yours should too.
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