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~*~ Infant Check-in ~*~

Hello, ladies! I am definitely going to need someone to assume this check-in. Not only is DD nearing her first birthday, I'm also just SWAMPED with life.

Any challenges this week? Milestones? Funny stories?



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Re: ~*~ Infant Check-in ~*~

  • Challenges this week have been NAPS. DD is straight refusing to take them. She'll even stop crying and entertain herself in her crib, but she won't go to sleep. She doesn't want rocked or nursed or anything, either. She just doesn't want to go to sleep even though she desperately needs to.

    But, nighttime sleep is getting SO much better. We've been putting her down an hour earlier than we were, and for the past three nights there have been NO tears. I've laid her down awake and she's put herself to sleep. It's been MAGIC. She's still waking at night, but I can deal. One thing at a time.

    DD has started to lean forward in the bath and drink her bath water. She's crazy.



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  • No Jackson milestones just finding out we have another one on the way. And me now giving Jackson even more time. DH said oh I thought you spoiled Jackson before, I'm sure it will be more now. Jackson is much more alert and loving his schedule. If I alter it any bit he lets me know.

    I hope E starts sleeping better for you!

    I would take over for you but I'm interested to see how my first trimester will go?

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  • Challenges: L had her 6 month shots on Friday and was feverish/fussy all weekend - we went from one wake-up at night to every 2 hours.  She's almost back to her normal, cheerful self tonight.

    Milestones: We finally found a pur?e L will eat without gagging - green beans!  Since she started solids 2 weeks ago, we've tried sweet potatoes, bananas, and pears and she didn't seem to like any of them.  I'm excited to have found something she'll eat! 

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  • Challenges: DS being sick and then getting sick myself.  Fevers are so scary and having to hold B down while he got an exam, strep test and was given medicine broke my heart.  The full story is in my post above!

    Milestones: DS is still very content army crawling and is now getting around the entire house that way very quickly.  He has also moved up to finger foods and loves feeding himself. 

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  • Ashton is 8 mo old today....where the heck has the time gone?  Challenges, nothing really.  Ashton is a great eater and sleeper.  We are working on sitting unassisted.  Although he is 8 mo, he was 2 mo early, so not really surprising that he isn't sitting yet.  He is working on cutting his first teeth.  He has defintely mastered rolling over and he rolls and pivots on his tummy all over the place.  He is fascinated by his big brother and our dog.  He watches them like a hawk.  Bath time is becoming hilarious as he splashes like crazy and giggles his butt off.

    Glad to be back, it has been forever and I hope I will be able to find some time each day to check in with this board. 

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  • Hi, Rusalka! I'm sorry you are swamped with life and things are chaotic. I hope they slow down soon. I will gladly take over the check-in for you. I like doing check-ins.

    Challenges: Harper is not interested in solids. She keeps refusing them. I don't know if I should start worrying or even where to start.

    Milestones: Harper is babbling a lot! She is also REALLY close to crawling, but not quite there yet.

    Funny Stories: None in particular, just a lot of cuteness.  


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  • Hi ladies!

    Challenges: We've had a rough few days around here. I am pretty sure DD is getting a tooth, otherwise I have no idea what is going on! On Sunday, she was just miserable, had a low grade fever, sleeping a ton (the girl we normally have to bribe to get a half hour nap took 3 naps for 2 hours each!), and just lethargic. Yesterday she was better, fever was gone, back to smiley and happy until last night. She went down for bed at 8 as usual, but woke back up at 9. It was hot and we haven't turned on our AC yet, so I figured it was a combo of the heat and noises from her window being open. We let her just hang out with us, but at about 10, we started trying to get her back down. And she decided to scream and cry pretty much non stop from 10 until midnight. She would nurse like she was starving, and then pick up the screaming again as soon as she unlatched. I attempted getting tylenol into her, but it is hard enough when she is content, and was a complete losing battle when she was screaming, arching, and thrashing. She finallly passed out at midnight after nursing. It was exhausting. Hoping tonight is better.

    Milestones: She is now pretty much mobile in her own crazy way! She rolls and scoots with a purpose- she will see something and then make her way across the floor to it scooting and rolling. She is so determined and patient, I love just watching her play!

    Funny stories: I needed to clip DD's fingernails as she's been scratching me and herself. I was in a session with a client yesterday, and she commented "have a rough weekend?" and pointed to my chest. My v-neck shirt was showing a nice red scratch from DD from nursing that morning. I was super embarassed, I wonder what the client thought it was from!

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  • Hi!

    Challenges: Continues to be bedtime. He goes down fine and sleeps for 2-3 hours or so but then is up evey 2 hours and will not go back down in his crib. I've started taking him to bed with me at that point because I'm so desperate for sleep. I don't want him in my bed- I can't sleep well- but I'm so exhausted. I tried last night for 1.5 hours to put him back down in his crib. He would be sleeping in my arms and I lay him down and he's awake. He would be awake and I would lay him down and he would instantly start to cry. I'm so frustrated.

    Naps are no better. Unless I lay in bed with him, he will not sleep for more than 20 minutes on his own. This child of mine does not enjoy sleeping. I go back to work in 2.5 months and I need sleep!

    I really don't want to CIO, but I think that might be the next step. I really don't wan to. I know that it's fine for them, I just can't do it. But I need sleep. And I would prefer to get some now already!

    Challenge #2: Weaning from BF. I'm also done with BF. I loved it, but I'm done. I'm stopped BF him during the day, but then he doesn't take his bottle and will just eat solids. Then I worry about dehydration so I nurse him and then he's happy as a clam again. He knows!!

    Milestones: Walking on furniture, starting to "talk" more, and entertain himself.

    Sorry- got longer than I thought. I am just so beyond frustrated with sleeping I just don't know what to do. My mom keeps telling me it will get better but I honestly don't think it will. It's been 8 months of crappy sleeping. Why would it magically get better now?


  • Challenges: must be the 12 -week Wonder Week, DD is pretty clingy, doesn't like to be put down. She's also drooling and sucking her hands a lot, so maybe she's very early teething?

    Milestones: grabbing toys, making the cutest noises back at us, laughing out loud.

    Funny: She sometimes laughs in her sleep, which I think is the cutest thing ever!

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  • Challenges - i think she might be starting to teethe a bit... shes been just a little cranky and shes not usually like that... shes chewing on my hands and hers lol... she chews on the bottle nipple and pacifier also...  shes waking more often and earlier so i think we are in a bit of a sleep regression right now... but nothing horrible.

    Milestones - shes focusing more, she doesnt play with toys but on her little taggies monkey she knows to grab the arms and head to feel the taggies... and she was playing with my hand last night and found my wedding band and then kept going back to the same spot over and over.

    Funny stories -  shes a hipster



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  • Challenges N is having a tough time with his formula. He was on Enfacare first bc of the preemie thing. We figured out he had reflux, started him on Zantac and that helped a bit. Still spit up a ton and was having lots of back arching and formula out the nose moments. Switched to gentleease last week and it still happened. So in waiting on a call back from his dr to see what she wants to try, bc I have to believe its also a milk sensitivity. All of this has also resulted in spotty sleeping.

    Milestones lots of smiling this week! And today he's 2 months old which blows my mind. Where is time going??

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  • DD is 10 weeks. Biggest challenges are trying to break the co sleeping habit, and getting her more used to bottle feeding,sine I return to work on Monday. She is getting better at lying quietly in her crib for up to 30 mins, but will not fall asleep in it. As far as bottle feeding goes, she will drink bottles but still constantly reaches for my boobs.

    Milestones include her laughing, which is a beautiful sound.

    Funny story my neighbor who is about 21 and dying to baby sit K asked me today if she's walking or eating solids yet LOL. She's definitely not watching my daughter.

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  • Challenges:  DD has broken out of her swaddle the last 2 nights.  I am hoping I can just tighten up a bit and keep her in there!  She just doesn't settle well without it and therefore neither do I!

    Milestones: A ton more smiling, some laughing, and grabbing and holding a couple toys (mostly Sophie).  She is also sucking on her hands A LOT (not just when she is hungry), seems too early for teething though.

    Funny:  Just how excited she gets when she is playing with us.  Her favorite word of the week is "boo" and if we say it back to her she goes nuts! 

  •  Challenges: trying to get my 3 year old to stop bopping my 5 month old on the head; getting her to nurse without distraction and fussiness. 

    Milestones: she finally rolled onto her belly! At least I hope she did.  I found her on her stomach in the crib this morning and hope she can now roll over on her play mat.  She's been trying for so long!

    Funny: well, it's not as funny anymore but she blows raspberries all the time.  I had her in the Moby at the food store yesterday and she kept spraying for like 15 mins. I couldn't get her to stop and the Moby was soaked. 

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  • Challenges: Blessed to say, none this week! 

    Milestones: B is going to be 4 months old on Thursday, and is just growing like a weed! He almost always wants to be sitting up, and if we try and put him in his boppy, he does these adorable little baby crunches trying to sit up- and has actually been able to do it a few times. He is *this* close to rolling over from back to belly. He gets like 3/4 of the way there and stops, lol!

    Funny Stories: Nothing specific, but he has recently started exploring some very high decibel levels, and is routinely shrieking when he laughs and even just in general when he is happy. Also, DH can make him laugh SO much more than I can and I absolutely love to hear and see them interact! 

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  • Update: DS is five and a half months! Wow...time goeS by so quickly. Sleeping has improved dramatically! If you remember son was waking after every hour or hour and a half. I started doing a modified Ferber approach for bed and naps. I mainly wanted him to put himself down as I think that was the problem for him...falling asleep in my arms and then waking up in a different place. He is still up 12 times a night between 7 to 7 but he legit needs to eat so I'm fine with it. I feel like a million bucks now that I'm sleeping.

    Challenges: I am having issues with going back to work in september. There is so much to think about and many pros and cons. I honestly don't think DH is 100 percent on board with me staying home either.

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  • This is my first check in! DS is two weeks old. The biggest challenge is really me learning how to diaper without getting peed and pooped on. Sadly, I have not yet mastered the skill, even though I try to lay a wet wipe over him right when I open the diaper. So I guess that is my funny story too. I look so pathetic and take forever to change his diapers. You'd thin I'd have a better handle with it by two weeks. I'd rather change 10 of DD's diapers than one of his! 

    I noticed he is not asleep as often as of yesterday so it now moves to another learning experience balancing an awake newborn with a toddler. Life goes on.  


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