How often?

How often do you take your LO to the doctor besides well visits?

DS is 2 and we've been once. Turned out to be nothing.

Granted he's not in daycare which I'm sure makes a difference.  He's been sick before but nothing a little advil and time couldn't take care of.

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Re: How often?

  • All the time. The nurses know us on sight which I kind of sad.

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  • Last year, he was in all.the.time. Like, every 2 weeks or more. We went in once since his 2 year well visit and that was so I could get a referral to a behavioral therapist.

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  • He's only been a handful of times besides well-visits, and that includes going in for flu shots. The last time he was in was in December for his 2-year-visit. I think he's had maybe 3 sick visits? One for roseola, one for diarrhea lasting a week, and one other time.
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  • This spring has been the longest stretch we've gone without going to the pedi. We were going twice a month over the winter at least. I'm hoping this is a trend. You are very lucky.
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  • Probably about 2 or 3 times.
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  • 3 times...once for a blister on his penis he was like a month old, I panicked as any new mom would, and twice recently for a really nasty diaper rash we couldn't shake. Got some antibiotic cream, so the visits weren't in vain.
  • Almost never. We go for well checks, vaccinations and sports physicals. I went once this year with DS2 to get him on Singulair for allergies. Last year, I had to take DD for an xray for a sports injury. Before those 2 times, it was years since we had been in. My kids don't get sick often and when they do, it's nothing that requires a pedi visit.
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  • Twice. Both before age 2. Both for pet bites. Both times were the neighbor's/babysitter's pets. Then we switched babysitters and moved.

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  • From 6 to 18 months with DS1 we went fairly often because of ear infections and a couple of respiratory infections. After 18 months it started to taper off and I am pretty sure he went once between 2 and 3 years old and it turned out to be nothing. He has been to a couple of specialists for random issues but not illnesses.

    DS2 hasn't been sick yet but he will start daycare in August so I'm sure that will change.

    ETA: Forgot about his first case of strep at 2.5.

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  • Rarely ever. 1-2 times a year

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  • Lately? Rarely.

    Up until 18 months? Once or twice a month. On the plus side pretty much anything that you get immune to after having it has run it's course. 



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  • We used to go A LOT when she was under age 1. She got sick a lot with bronchiolitis, RSV, ect. She also had a hemangioma.. not the "strawberry" hemangioma but the type that looks more like a lymph node. She had to be on meds for it and they had to monitor her.

    Her immune system got built up nice and well. We went less once she hit 1 and now that she's 2 we never go.
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  • The first year was BAD. She was seriously sick every single 2 weeks during the fall/winter months; we went to the pedi every third time or so. She had RSV/bronchiolitis 3 times that winter.

    Since then, maybe once per winter, maybe twice in a bad year.

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  • All the time.  She catches everything under the sun from preschool/daycare.  It sucks.  But I'm also possibly a little over precatious.  
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  • DS1 [2.5] is usually once or twice a month during cold and flu season and once every 2 months in the summer. He is 2.5 and this was a good year for him. When he first started daycare it was 2 or 3 times a month.

    DS2 was born in November at 36 weeks so until he was over 3 months out pedi basically sent us to the ER. He was admitted 3 times, once for RSV and twice for periorbital cellulitis so we saw our pedi at least weekly through the winter. Now I would say once per month, hopefully less through the summer.



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    DD is 2 on Fri and we've been a few times with her. What's worse is that we've also been to the ER a few times with DS and a handful more times to the Urgent Care. Fortunately, neither of those for DD yet, though.

  • With DS1, we went about three or four times in between.
    DS2, we had to go entirely too often already. We just started the second round of antibiotics. This times it's strep. How does a 9 months old get strep? He is not even in daycare or anything like that.
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  • When he was really little, like under 4 months, I swear we were there once a week.  Barring unforeseen circumstances, this will not happen with the next LO.  I was a worried FTM.

    Once he started going to daycare, I think we were probably there once (maybe twice) a month for the first few months.  He was sort of constantly sick and I wasn't really that great at recognizing what I should just let run its course and what needed to be seen by the doctor.

    Now, unless something is really hitting the fan and he's been a hot mess for several days, we only go at well visits.  That said, we are still in the place when we have well visits fairly frequently.

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    Not very much lately. when she was smaller, it felt like all the time.
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  • image J+MS:
    Not very much lately. when she was smaller, it felt like all the time.

    LOL I agree.  I joked that I should just have my paycheck direct deposited to the pediatrician.

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  • Never. Seriously. No one has any clue who we are. We've been once for an eye infection of some sort and once for an ear infection.

    DS goes to DC and has since age 3 mos, FWIW. 

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