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been away for ages.....i see lots of the old ttcal crew has babies!!!!

Hey girls, I know I have been pretty much mia since Ashton arrived 8 quick months ago.  Life is crazy busy with the baby and a 3 yr old! I am so excited to see so many of you have your rainbows.   If you remember me and want to share your pg and baby details, I reaaly would love to hear about them.

Ashton turned 8mo old today.  He goes for his 6mo adjusted age assessment tomorrow.  he is doing really well.  Weighs over 20lbs....he's a tank.  He us working on cutting his first tooth, and sitting up on his own.  He loves to swim in the bathtub, and jumping in his exersaucer and jolly jumper.

I am seriously going to try to get on here much more often.  I miss it around here.e 

BFP#1 03/01/09 Carter arrived at 9lbs even on 11/11/09

BFP#2 08/24/11 missed m/c 10/09/11 D&C 10/12/11 @ 11w

BFP#3 03/17/12 Ashton arrived at 5 lbs 10 oz 8 weeks early on 10/10/12

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Re: been away for ages.....i see lots of the old ttcal crew has babies!!!!

  • Hi there, stranger! It would be great having you back here! I had my princess just before Christmas. Crazy induction with a failed epidural. Fun times.  She loves her baths too! I took her food shopping for the first time today, in a Moby wrap.  She loved it!
    DS born 2009
    BFP#2 ~ 8/2/11, EDD 4/11/12, D&C 9/12/11 at 9w5d
    BFP#3 ~ 4/15/12, EDD 12/21/12 ~ DD born 12/22/12
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  • Hi!!!  I haven't been on in a while either, but I totally remember you.  Good to *see* you around!
    Mom to Eliott Alexander, born sleeping at 37 weeks on 8/13/10. Most of us only dream of angels - I held one in my arms.
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    BFP #3 - EDD 4/7/12 M/C 8/2/11 @ 4w2d
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    BFP #4 - EDD 12/09/12, Lucille arrived 11/26/12
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    Hi love! I'm happy to see you're doing well! My little E is doing the same stuff your little man is, as expected. I can't believe it's been 8 months!
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    Mama to 5 angel babies, 1 rainbow baby, and 2 more angel babies. 
    My beautiful Ella/ToT arrived 10/10/12. 
  • BENOIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited to see you, and that you're littles are well, not so little, and thriving!!!

    Things are good here! Hen and Autumn are crawling, Ruby is commando crawling. Hen has a tooth coming in that's making him a nut ball, and other than that it's just daily mania :)

    Hope all is well with you!

    Also do you have a birthday coming up?? July? Happy Birthday! 

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  • esdesd
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    Hi!! Welcome back

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    BFP #2 6.18.11 M/C 6.26.11 @ 4w 5d
    BFP #3 9.15.11 DS1 born 5.21.12
    BFP #4 5.27.13 DS2 born 1.27.14
  • HEY YOU!!! Glad to hear you're doing well and the little ones, too!

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  • Hi, good to see you! Wow, over 20 pounds!? That is fantastic! Glad that everything is going well.
    BFP#1 12/18/10 EDD 8/28/11 | 2/14/11 discovered that our baby girl had anencephaly D&C 2/17/11 at 12.5 weeks | no O or AF post loss - Dx: AO + mild PCOS = secondary infertility Provera after 70 days = AF but no O | Provera + 50mg Clomid after 110 days = AF but no O 3 rounds of 100mg Clomid + Estrogen + Progesterone = mixed O results, all BFN hysteroscopy 1/6/12 - removed fibroid tissue injection cycle #1 - 75 IU follistim + ovidrel (triggered 2/9/12) + endometrin = BFP! EDD 11/3/12 | Beta @ 13dpo = 184, 17dpo = 993, 26dpo = >5000 IT'S TWIN BOYS!! Tommy and Charlie arrived on 9/10/12 after less than 6 hours of labor at 32 weeks Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  • Hey stranger!  Good to see you and hear things are going so well for you and the family! 



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  • Good to see you again. I can believe Ashton is 8 months already. Glad to hear he's doing well.

    BFP: 01/08/11 EDD: 09/15/11 Natural MC: 02/03/11
    BFP: 02/14/12 EDD: 10/26/12 D&C: 03/09/12
    BFP: 04.05.12 EDD: 12.17.12 Born 11.18.12 Jackson Kane 6lbs 5ounces

    BFP: 06.08.13 EDD: 02.13.14 Baby Girl.. 2U2 Here we come



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  • Hey Benefito! Nice to see you again. I had my son on December 26th after a 38 hour labor but we did it! He just didn't want to be a Christmas baby ;) 
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    BFP #4 4.12.12 ~ EDD 12.25.12~ Born on 12.26.12
  • Hi there!!!   Welcome back!!

    ~~Transferred 2 Perfect Embryos 5/28 - BFP 6/4~~ HAILEY ELIZABETH ~2/16/13~ 6:39am ~ 6lbs 2oz ~ 20" long ~ 1 Year ~ 20lbs 14oz ~ 29.25"~
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  • Hey Benoit! Welcome back! My Benjamin is going to be 4 months on Thursday! He was born 2/13/13 after 50+ (yes you read that right, 50) hours of labor and my "all natural, no drugs" birth plan went out the window after over 24 hours with no sleep! I swear that epi saved me from a section, as I was able to get 4 solid hours of sleep after I got it. 

    B is a big boy, too, weighing in at just shy of 16 lbs and 24+" (by my measurements)! We'll get the real #'s at his 4 month well visit tomorrow!

    SO glad to hear Ashton is thriving so well and that you're back!  

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  • Welcome back... I always remember when I was about 10 weeks pregnant , had an SCH and was dreaming out on PGAL. You responded to my post with good info and seriously talked me off the ledge! Glad to hear Ashton is well I remember things being scary for a while there.

    DS Born 2/22/09. TTC #2 since Oct. 2011. MMC on 05/03/12 at 12w1d. CP on 02/08/12 at 5 weeks.

    BFP 07/27/2012 - Beta 1 - 169 @ 11 DPO, Beta 2 - 419 @ 13 DPO, DD Born on 04/04/2013.

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  • Hi benoit! Good to see you back here. I haven't been on a ton lately either, but hoping to be around more. Glad you guys are doing well!
    BFP #1, 12/22/09 - DD#1 born 9/2010
    BFP #2, 12/12/11, m/c 12/25/11
    BFP #3, 3/09/12, CP 3/10/12
    BFP #4, 7/22/12, DD#2 born 4/2013

  • delinodelino
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    Good to see you!  Welcome back!
    3 ectopic pregnancies (EDD's 1/30/12-tube removed, 6/2/12-methotrexate and 10/2/12-methotrexate)
    IVF and Natural FET resulted in BFN's and a hole in our wallets
    Natural BFP #4 on 9/7/12 gave us our miracle on 5/18/13
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  • Must be the week for oldies but goodies! Seems a lot of us MIAs have been checking in.

    I had V on 12/7 at 38w. If you remember I had an emergency cerclage at 22w5d and did 21w of bed rest. But we made it. She's 6 mo old now! Working on sitting, just starting solids and she loves to blow raspberries!
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