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Dermal Cyst

Do any of your babies have a dermal cyst above their eye?  Mine does and I wish I could get it removed now, but they said 1 year it could be removed unless it gets bigger. 

Re: Dermal Cyst

  • My DS was born with one slightly above his eyebrow.  At his six month the pedi gave us a referral to a pedi plastic surgeon.  DS had it removed at ~1 year without any complications.  They were to make the incision along the crease of the eyelid... you can't even see the scar today.

    Since the surgery requires general anestesia I can understand why the want to wait until LO gets a bit older.  I wouldn't sweat it right now, just make sure to get the referral for later.

    FYI, I didn't even want to get it removed since it was (mostly) cosmetic and I didn't want to put DS at any risk by having surgery, but concerns about future growth were large enough to have it removed.

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