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Are there any work at home moms on here

Re: Are there any work at home moms on here

  • There are several. I work from home once a week sometimes twice. My whole job could be done from home my coworker does it. We are communicators for a large international company and deal with customers all over the world. I rarely work with someone in the same location as me. 
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  • Most work from home jobs will require you to have childcare because even if it is home based you will be busy. I have many friends who have careers and have offices at home from IT, sales, etc. Many jobs involving computers are also able to telecommute. If you want to stay home to be with your kids you may have better luck working nights and weekends, maybe waitressing? Sales like 31 bags or real estate (real estate would still have odd hours but not necessarily 9-5)

  • I do once a week as well. Same thing though, children are at daycare. Just allows me to do the pick ups and give my DH a day off from picking them both up.
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    cproffitt[Deleted User]
  • Mine is. I work from home developing online learning courses. I work for a medium sized company with about 20 employees, and we all work from home full time. From time to time there are company meetings that take place at the CEO's house, and it's all legit and surprisingly well organized. So, yes mobile smiley face
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  • kmplskmpls
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    I do. I work in insurance.


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  • Of course there are real jobs people do from a home office. What is your field or education? A lot of it just depends on your industry and how much experience you have.
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  • You could watch a few children at home but you have to check your local rules about home daycares. Child care experience is good and CPR/first aid training.

     What about working weekends? 

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  • I work from home, I'm a Recruiter. L goes to DC full time. 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • I think there are a ton of corporations that allow employees to work from home...some advertise the positions as work at home, but many would allow it under the right circumstances.  I work for a huge insurance corporation in marketing and I work from home.  Since most of the people I work with are across the country, there's no reason for me to go to the local office.  I have a very typical corporate job with lots of time on my laptop and on conference calls.  DD goes to DC full time.
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  • aeh72aeh72
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    As pps have already suggested, many corporations have jobs allowing employees to work from home (mine is one), but that always comes with the requirement that you have childcare. Even if it wasn't a "requirement" by your company, it is impossible - let me say it again, impossible - to work from home FT and care for your infant/toddler (basically pre school-aged child) at the same time.  So, if that's the intention behind your question, don't try to find a FT job at home so you can keep your child out of daycare.  You will never be effective at both and you will feel guilty about not being able to fully commit to either.

    But, perhaps something like becoming a Mary Kay, Scentsy or Silpada consultant may offer you the flexibility to keep your child at home with you and still bring in an income.  That's not my cup of tea but I do know people who are successful in those types of businesses. I think it takes a while to get to that point, but maybe something like that would be an option for you.

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  • I am self-employed so I work from home. I can ONLY work when my son is in someone else's care or asleep. This has been the case since he was born - even as an infant I couldn't keep up without childcare. It has been VERY stressful to balance.

    2 years in, I now find I work best if I commute to a university library and work there rather than at home. Really the only plus of me working for myself is that I make more in an hour than I would at an in-house position doing what I do, which allows me to work less. But I do have to work about 15-20 hours/week, and be the primary caregiver for LO and arrange all his care, etc. 

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  • I do. I used to be a director of hr now I consultant on my own for a nonprofit

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  • Yes, I work from home as a medical coder , but my LO is in daycare. I would never get any work done if she was here with me. 
  • I work PT.. 20 hours in the office and I average about another 5 hours from home.  DCs are not in daycare... but I handle most phone calls and extensive work while in the office, and leave responding to emails and working on spreadsheets, etc to do at home.  
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  • I just started with a facial cream company that has a great compensation plan!  I've only been doing it for less than a month and have made several hundred each week.  I'll be doing this for work at home once our baby is born!  Send me a message if you're interested in learning more.
  • Wow. I haven't been around in a long, long while......but not much changes around here. This question still gets asked every damn week.
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    christel811[Deleted User]bearsbearsbears
  • I just started working for a company called At Home Solutions.  They offer support and free training, but you work for yourself and can work at anytime of the day.  I do most of my work after the kids are in bed.  I'm still working my day job, while I build my business.  But I personally know many people who have been able to quit their day jobs, do this full time, and make more than enough money to support their families.  Flexible schedule, Free Training with team support and NO risk to you. NO selling and NO order taking, I mean that when I say NO selling! It's perfect.
  • I work for a technology company and have WFH for 6 years. I have a FT nanny to handle all kid related stuff from 8 to 5 each day. On the occassion our nanny is sick or takes vacation, DH and I split watching the kids b/c you can't effectively work AND watch your kids.
  • I WFH full-time, and have been for a month since I relocated to a new city (and state). Prior to this arrangement, I WFH 3 days a week since having my youngest. (Prior to that, I worked in an office f/t.)

    I work for a large corporation who is "progressive" in the sense that, with a formal arrangement and contract in place, I can do this. I have a very supportive boss and team - but, as I've been told, this arrangement wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't spent the prior 3 years proving myself to them.

    I have no problem that this question is asked every week (though I think "searching" for the topic would be a good start before asking...); I think it's wrong people assume this ? gets posted for the reason that the poster wants to get paid to stay at home and watch their child(ren) while working. Maybe their current situation / commute is too long; maybe they need to work but they can't afford childcare so they're looking for something "non-traditional" to help. I know when I was laid off a few years ago, before I found out my unemployment benefits were being extended, I ended up getting a night shift job in a Mail Center because I couldn't afford daycare for 2 kids to work at a fast-food or retail business during the day.

    That said, the others are right that childcare is definitely needed! Good luck!


    My three sons.

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