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solids yet?

i'm thinking of offering DD some solids, maybe sweet potato or banana soon. Once I start, do I have to give her solids 1x/day consistently then? Also how many oz of milk are your babies getting/day?

Re: solids yet?

  • I just kind of experiment. LO gets his bottles all day and maybe some bananas or sweet potatoes watered down with formula at night. It's just experimenting at this stage, babies still get most of their nutrition from formula or breast milk.
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  • We started with every other day. I don't think it needs to be consistent just yet. Like pp said, its experimentation at this point.
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  • Just experiment. You can give as much or a little whenever u want! We are doing solids around 5 pm every night. And it's just been banana, sweet potato etc. the first stage foods. And LO has been doing great with them. I'm gonna start this week with 2x a day once in the morning and once at night.
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  • We haven't started yet but when we do we will just go with the flow and experiment. At this point their BM/formula intake shouldn't decrease.
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  • I feed DS BM as normal, but have been giving solids consistently every night after his bottle around dinner time. Just this week we started 2x per day, at lunch and dinner. I'm trying to develop consistency for both of us so we can get into a routine!

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  • We do 2x a day, cereal for breakfast and pure at dinner time.
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  • We are doing bananas right now 2x a day DD's first feeding is normal breast milk after about an hour she'll get pureed banana then again at her evening meal :
  • LO gets anywhere from 25 to 30 oz a day. Solids for lunch and dinner. Fruit for lunch, veggie for dinner. Sometimes cereal in the morning depending on when she gets up. But she's been on solids for about a month now? We started out with once a day. If we forget or are out and about during a meal time, its NBD. It doesn't bother her much. Nutrition is still mostly going to be from formula or BM at this point, so just experiment!



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  • We started offering her some chunks of banana or pureed apple and bananas last week, but I haven't made a big batch yet so even if I try to feed her everyday I don't actually do it

    Maybe next weekend I'll make a big batch of veggies puree to keep in the freezer

    She drinks 28oz of formula each day 

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  • We started at 6 months and we've first introduced banana but LO also loves avocado. I first breastfeed and after one hour or so I offer solids, she's not taking a lot but still, breastmilk is the primary source when it comes for feeding. You should just make sure she gets enough breastmilk and find the right solids to offer. I first find it hard to tell which solids were recommended for her and which to avoid, but I found this website http://goodmomming.com/ and it kind of solved my problem. You could use it when your baby is ready. 

    Banana and sweet potato are great options to start with!

  • At 4 mos, we started oatmeal for 10 days. He did really well with it, so we just added sweet potatoes to the mix. His night sleeping has never been better. It doesn't have to be every day, but I wouldn't add a second meal for a couple weeks. At this point, food is just a side gig just for fun.
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