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Still don't get swim diapers

Okay, so, I have never really thought about swim diapers before this week.  We are taking a trip with DD to North Carolina in July and will have LOTS of pool/lake time.

I had never thought about swim diapers not holding pee and only holding poo and only formed poos before.

What are the best solutions for swim diapers?  Which are the best for holding waste?

I think I am making this more complicated than I need to (typical), but I am totally confused about which kind to use/how often to change them/what all they hold.

When you suggest what kind, please feel free to be as specific as possible, I am clueless.



Re: Still don't get swim diapers

  • So, yea, I'm with you.. disposable swim diapers only hold poo, too, apparantly.. I thought they held pee also, but nope, learned that the hard way when I laid down DS on the bed in one and he peed all over the bed.. thanks, Huggies, for mentioning that on the packaging!

    I bought a reusable i-play swim diaper and I put it OVER top of a regular disposable diaper.. granted DS was only in the water for 45 minutes.. but, when I took the reusable one off, the disposable was still holding strong!  It wasn't blown up at all!  SO, this will be our method going forward.. I've not tried the iplay re-usable without a disposable underneath, so I'm not sure if that stops pee, too.. I don't think so though?

    I'm so confused because I thought at a public pool, as long as your kid was in a swim diaper, that was fine.. but, if the swim diaper lets the pee through, doesn't that defeat a majority of the purpose? *Shrugs*

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    I was told the swim diapers only work once they are wet.  I thought that was bizarre, but that's what I was told.
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  • We have always used the iplay swim diaper. It needs to be snug around the legs and waist. Pee isn't dangerous to those swimming around you do it doesn't need to hold pee. If your child is having diarhea don't bring them to the pool.
  • Babies and toddlers pee in the pool... that's how it goes.

    And yes, if your LO is having loose poops, they shouldn't be in the pool --- though I'm not sure how a swim diaper works for a smaller EBF baby. When my LO was that age we just used an unstuffed pocket diaper as a swim diaper (still do most of the time), but she never tested it with poop. At over 1, though, usually a stool loose enough not to be contained by a well-fitting swim diaper is a sign of an illness.

    I always just change my LO into her swim diaper right before getting in the pool.

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  • I use the disposable right before they are ready to go on the water and take it off when they are done. 
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  • image melly918:
    I use the disposable right before they are ready to go on the water and take it off when they are done. 

    Same here. We haven't dealt with a poop in the pool yet though, so I don't know how they hold up in that case.

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  • Swim diapers are just yucky. Basically poop filters. I will never look at a swimming pool the same way again!
    I think there was a South Park about that...

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  • I use the iplay reuse able swim diapers. They don't hold pee but in a public pool there is plenty of chlorine to "kill" anything nasty and in a lake, pond whatever lets face it, everyone pees in those. 

    Link has pooped in his swim diaper and it held it just like a normal diaper would. When I noticed I changed his diaper. We have 2 with us when we go swimming just for that reason.  

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  • Apparently, pee is sterile.  I didn't know this until DS had a mishap after his circumcision (long story and he's ok!).  But we were told by the paramedics and our pedi that urine is sterile, so I guess it's ok for them to pee in the pool. But poo can close down a pool because of the possible spread of diseases. I was hoping to take DS swimming this summer, but he's EBF, so I'd be afraid he'd go and the swim diaper wouldn't hold it.

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    Alice pooped in her Huggies swim diaper while she was still on formula only. It was a bit runny due to the fact we had been in the pool for about an hour. It held just fine.


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