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Are you kidding me?

I am a Lurker, most of the time. I have read all of your birth stories which has prepared me for every situation that could possibly happen!
So, I just have to vent.
I am 39w2d. I am 35 yo and pregnant with our 4th child. I supposedly was scheduled for an induction, tomorrow I have GD. My good friend is a L D nurse at the hospital I will be delivering at. She just so happens to be working tomorrow and asked if I would like her to be my nurse. Of course I wouldn't mind! So, she called into work this afternoon to make sure she was assigned to me and my name is nowhere to be found! I am waiting for a call from my Dr to see what the heck is going on. My husband took vacation, we have our kids stayingwith family lined up. I'm packed and emotionally ready to go. This is ridiculous and they better figure it out.
Thanks for reading this and good luck to all who haven't delivered yet!

Re: Are you kidding me?

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