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We're trying....but I'm REALLY nervous.

Hi everyone!

We are officially trying for #2 and I'm scared out of my mind.  If we are successful this cycle, and carry to term (a whole other nervous part of me), the baby will be born just 2 weeks before DD's 2nd birthday.

I need to hear encouragement and/or stories from those with experience - that'd be YOU!  So if you have some time on your hands (HA!), please share anything to help calm my nerves.


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Re: We're trying....but I'm REALLY nervous.

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    Well, seeing that I have a 3 year old, 18 month old and due with baby 3 next month, you can do it!!

    There are challenges with any age gap but I absolutely LOVE when DD2 asks for her sister and visa versa.  They are the best of the best friends most of the time and I can't wait to add another in the mix next month.   Yes, there are days I feel crazy for having kids so close together but who doesn't have good days and bad?  


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  • My son is your daughter's age and I have a 3 week old. I think no matter what the age gap adding another kid is kind of a scary idea! It seems like two under 2 is a lot. You get a lot of diapers, a lot of putting kids in strollers, a lot of feeding babies, etc. You also get a lot of cuddles, a lot of exciting milestones, a lot of baby fat rolls, a lot of amazement at how they grow. Oh, and I lot of smiles from strangers because "look at the babies!" I am enjoying it so far. 
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  • Just want to let you know that you are not alone. I am pregnant with my second, and my DS is 6.5 months old. When baby 2 shows up, DS will be 14 months. I am absolutely terrified. 

    I know it will be great when they are older and they are so close in age. It also helps if we want a third eventually because we will have more time before that is no longer an option. I also know that the past 6 months have really shown me that I am capable of anything and everything, but I am still scared. 

    Right now though, I am most scared of what everyone else will think. Hubby and I are not in the best place financially (but 500% better than we were 6 months ago) and I have a feeling that many people in our lives, including close friends and family, are going to judge us badly for having another baby again this soon. I know I should rise above it and just be the best damn mother I can be, but its tough.  

    Sorry if this doesn't help calm your nerves, but sometimes its nice to know that someone out there shares your worries. 

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