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Terrible diaper rash and constipation

My poor girl is having quite the time. She got shots which I think caused a 2 day poop binge. She was pooping with every diaper which caused a diaper rash. It was awful! It was so raw and blistered. Every time she pooped it would bleed. We have been doing everything we can. Naked time, special baths, keeping her really dry, Rx ointment. The rash FINALLY started healing the end of last week but then this weekend she got really constipated. It was so sad! She would just SCREAM when she tried to go. Yesterday, I gave her a little apple juice to try to move things along. It didn't seem to do much so we had to give her a suppository. Finally last night she went and has a few times since then. It's really hard but at least it's moving along. But now that made the diaper rash start bleeding again... I think from the hard pushing. I just can't seem to get things under control. Do any of you ladies have any great advice for helping the diaper rash and/or constipation? I will try anything at this point... I just don't want her in pain anymore.
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Re: Terrible diaper rash and constipation

  •  Welcome to my world. I've been battling this with DS since he was around your LO's age. He's off dairy, since the tummy trouble seems to come from dairy, and another yet-to-be-indentified source. Its almost like whatever it is makes his poop caustic to his little tush. His doctor prescribed us an antibiotic burn cream (silver sulfa) to apply 3x a day when the rash is really bad. It is like miracle cream!

    We just started him on a new laxative to try to get things moving. Part of his constipation is psychological-it used to hurt him to poop, so he thinks its going to hurt so he holds it, which really causes more issues. This new med, lactulose, will make it so he basically poops everything he's ever eaten, ever, without being able to hold it.

    I hope you can solve your LO's problems, and I'd start with looking at her diet first. GL!

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  • Have you started solids?  If so - how long ago.. we went through this cycle when we started solids at 4 months.  What worked for us was pears.. lots and lots of pears (and prunes) - after a month of on and off issues I talked to her ped and got approved to give her miralax - we did it for 3 days and then on and off when needed.  

    The diaper rash - barrier barrier barrier is the only way to help / prevent / treat.  I am in love with :

    You can get it behind the pharmacy counter at COSTCO! :)  Its THICK and it seems to soothe.  But really any THICK cream / ointment will help create the barrier.

    If you did introduce solids you may want to see if there is a correlation between what she's eating and whats happening - bananas were off for a while for us.  The p's will help the pooops, pumpkin, pears, prunes, peas and the "brat" diet will constipate, bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.  Apple juice will get it moving - apples or applesauce will stop her up (applesauce has pectin in it which is the cause).


    Good luck - hang in there - as with all things baby related -t his too shall pass 

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  • I always tease and joke make fun of my hippy friends. They all talk about coconut oil like its the fountain of youth. A few weeks ago DD got a rash that hurt so badly she would shake when I would change her. I broke down and bought it and it flipping healed within 24 hours!! I'm a believer now LOL but don't tell the hippys!! (FYI if you buy it, it only comes in solid form. Soon as you touch it it will melt. Its melting point is right around body temperature.)


    Hope this helps and your baby feels  better super soon!

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