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looong 2 weeks

My csection is scheduled for 2 weeks from today and this is officially going to be the longest 2 weeks. I'm finally SO excited to meet our little man. I haven't been excited, more apprehensive about being a FTM but now I feel confident after reading birth stories and stories from home that I can do this and I'm READY to do this. I do wish I could go vaginally but his butt has dropped so he is stuck breech. Sorry this is kind of a ramble but that's what happens when I get excited!
also I'm on mobile so no punctuation, sorry! Hope all of you are having a good day!

Re: looong 2 weeks

  • Mine is 2 weeks from today too. And yes, i agree about the longest 2 weeks ever part. I can't believe it's already June 10th, but this week is my crazy week at work, and then things slow down next week. Good luck!!! And get as much relaxing time in as you can. 

  • I'm half way through my "two weeks". Last week went SO SLOW! I put my self to sleep last night with a "Water, you can break right now, right now, like seriously, right now". However this morning I woke up and told DH I would hold it in until Friday now. HA! I know these next few days will go by crazy fast since I have appointments and things that need to be done... but I hear ya!
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  • It's awesome that you have a day in sight, but a bummer about the c section. I'm due in two weeks but having lots of anxiety about whether it not LO will make an on time appearance. Hope he does!
  • My c section is a week from tomorrow and time is flying by!! I kind of wish I still had 2 weeks to get more done before LO comes LOL. Good luck in a couple weeks!! Mobile smiley
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