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Ella's natural birth story

Title: Ella's natural birth story

On Wednesday, at 40w4d, I had my MW stretch my cervix. I was 2 cm and 75% effaced. Thursday morning I lost my mucus plug. I was having contractions about every ten minutes all day, but that was the story for the previous 2 months so I thought nothing of it. When my husband got home from work we ended up having a little disagreement that caused me to go on our nightly walk alone. Halfway through the walk, he runs up and said he was sorry and that something told him to come find me. At 6:45, literally one block later my water broke, and I mean GUSHED. I was standing in a pool on the sidewalk. Hubs ran back home to get the car and I tried to stand there and not draw too much attention to myself! We called family, called my MW, and I showered. At 7:15 my contractions had gone from every ten minutes to 2-3 minute contractions no more than 2 minutes apart. They were bearable at first, I took another shower and would sit on the edge of the tub through a contraction. The only thing that really took some pain away was vigorously stomping my feet while sitting. I tried to eat but I couldn't stay still long enough, so I ended up having two spoons of brown rice for dinner. At 9:15 I had hubs call my BFF, and labor coach to come over. When she arrived at 9:45 my contractions were so painful I was writhing on the couch like something out of the exorcist. I told them that we were tossing the birth plan and I needed an epidural because I couldn't endure this intense pain any longer. Believe what you hear about contractions in the car, worst pain ever and you can't do anything but sit through them. So bad. We got to the hospital, after running a few red lights, at 10:04. My MW was meeting us there and had reserved a room for me, but they still insisted I fill out admit paper work. My contractions had gotten so bad that I had my friend wheel me into the hallway, because I was still writhing exorcist style in the ER waiting room, while hubs gave them my information. Then it hit me, I had to push, I freaking had the urge to push my baby out in the hallway of the hospital. The ring of fire, that's what they're talking about... I was screaming, they were taking their precious time getting me admitted. Then another one, I was squeezing my legs together because the urge to push was that intense. At 10:22 we got into a room and my MW walked in 30 seconds later. I dropped my panties, got on the bed and she LOOKED and told me I was a 10 and I could push whenever I wanted. I was in so much shock! I was here to get an epidural because I thought I had given up, but I made it! I pushed twice through the next contraction and they put the monitor on my belly and told me her heart rate was dropping between contractions and that this next one, she needed to come out. She told me to feel her head to show me how close I was and that gave me the motivation to do it. I looked at my husband one last time, took a deep breath, grabbed both of my legs and pushed. And then I pushed again and my beautiful baby plopped right onto the bed and they placed her on my chest. At 10:27. She immediately pooped on my belly! Scored a 10 on her apgar test! And honestly, the pain was gone. I breastfed her and delivered my placenta with one push. I had three "small" tears with 5 stitches, my MW stitched me up while I continued breastfeeding. She ate for an hour! I got up, cleaned off and was walking around the room. That's how amazing my recovery was. And we have a beautiful baby girl, Novella Rose, 6/6 10:27pm, 7 pounds, 20 inches.





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