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2 Month Shots

My LO goes in today for her two month shots & I'm feeling a little nervous about them. I guess more nervous about the side effects from the shots than the actual giving of them. I'm not planning on going anywhere after the appointment. Just coming home for the rest of the day to let her rest. It seems like everything I read online is about how terrible babies feel afterwards. Are the effects really that terrible or are the only people posting the ones who have bad experiences? 

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Re: 2 Month Shots

  • I didnt notice any effects from ds3s shots last week.

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  • All I noticed was that LO was extra sleepy afterwards. I just let him sleep and nursed when he woke up. We had baby Tylenol on hand just in case.

  • We had ours last week and I felt the same way. She was fine for a while and then about 3 hours after she got them the melt down began.....lots of crying and wanting to be held.....we ended up giving her a little less than one dose of Tylenol because it was obvious how uncomfortable she was....she was much better after that, slept well that night and was fine the next day.

    good luck! It's my understanding that the two month round is the worst and the it gets easier. 

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    image melandjames14:
    All I noticed was that LO was extra sleepy afterwards. I just let him sleep and nursed when he woke up. We had baby Tylenol on hand just in case.

    N hasn't had hers yet, but for my son he was just extra sleepy. He had no side effects.

    And yes, the people whose baby was perfectly fine are not usually going to take the time to post online about it, ya know?
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  • I didn't notice that much of a change, though DD did get a slight fever.  I gave her Little Remedies fever reducer every 4 hours as directed by pedi.
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  • No effects just sleepy..Ella didn't like pants on her legs for two days..she screamed till I took them off
  • I'm observing the effects of Sonya's shots (2 in each leg plus an oral vaccine) right now. At first she was just really sleepy, but now she's a bit cranky. Just woke up crying, poor girl. I think she just doesn't like having her legs in a certain way and that's what's waking her up.
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  • When my DS had these he was miserable for the next two weeks afterwards.  I am hoping to have better results this time with DD.
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    My little guy was pretty fussy all day after the shots.  I was REALLY glad I was there all day with him and didn't take him to daycare or anything.

    I don't think it was side effects, I think it's normal shot pain - when I get the flu shot, my arm is pretty sore for a day or so, it can't be any different for babies, and crying/being fussy is all they can do about it.  So I didn't think it was out of the norm.

    ETA:  The biggest drama of the day when Myles got his 2 month shots was that I was the one crying/all sad because my poor little baby got hurt. My sister's policy with her girls is: when someone gets shots, they get ice cream.  So I went and had ice cream so that in my head, he got ice cream, too.  Wink)

    Myles was so pumped about the baby . . . until he figured out he'd have to share all his toys!!!
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