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My baby was born 2/27, so on the young side for this board, but I still worry that we are reaching the point where habits are starting to be formed. I know it is recommended to put babies down before they are fully asleep so they don't get used to only falling asleep on mom or whatever....but what do you ladies do with your reflux babies? I was told (and have read) to hold them upright for 20-30 min after eating; but then he ultimately falls asleep on me before I transfer him to the crib. (I'm referring to the bedtime feeding and middle of night feedings...occasionally naps but not always....usually we play after eating during the day, however he is not a great sleeper so I never discourage naps if he wants them!)
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Re: Reflux Mamas

  • My baby was born on 2/16 and he is a reflux baby. While it was really bad I actually put his little chair (which is on an angle) in the crib/bassinet and let him sleep in that so he didn't wake up screaming from the reflux, then you didn't have to worry about kleeping him in your arms upright for that time. It worked really good, Then after he got a little bigger, I folded receiving blankets and put them under the sheet where his head goes so his head was propped a bit (per pediatrician) and that worked also.

    Good luck!

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  • We have his crib mattress propped up a bit and I noticed at night his reflux tends to be almost non existent. Plus he is on Prilosec so maybe that's what is helping. Our son does "fall asleep" on me after MOTN feeding because I still hold him up for 15-20 minutes after his nursing. But when I carry him to his room I am less careful and don't tip toe him to his room. And I place him in his crib without trying to whisper him in so he knows he is being put down. Before we sleep trained, I would place him so carefully in hopes he wouldn't wake up. 
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  • Dd falls asleep on me for sure! I will just have to pay for it later. She sleeps on her belly and if she is awake when she goes down she will spit up within seconds.
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