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Most of the moms you know?

Are most of your friends WMs or SAHMs?

A lot of the moms I'm friends with are SAHMs. Two of my friends are teachers, one SIL works for the government, the other works for a bank, and then the rest of the WMs I know are my coworkers, and my company only has 15 employees, so that's not a lot of WMs overall.

So I'm curious. Do a lot of your friends work or stay home?
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Re: Most of the moms you know?

  • Most of my friends are WMs.  I actually only know a few SAHMs, and my only good friend who SAH has since gone back to work now that her kids are in school. 

    I work in healthcare and there are lots of career women in the various fields I come in contact with. 

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  • ss+elss+el
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    Most of my long-term friends are working moms. The people I see the most, though, since I have most mornings free every week, are almost all SAHMs that we do playdates with.
  • SAHM, but that's to be expected since I've only recently become a WM a SAHM.
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  • SAHM, but that's to be expected since I've only recently become a WM from a SAHM.
    daughter born June 2011 via C-Section, son born November 2012 via VBAC
  • ccamccam
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    I don't think I actually know one SAHM.  A few of my friends work part time, but no one I can think of stays home full time.


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  • rvascrvasc
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    Mix of both. I have Fridays off, so I hang with my SAHM friends then.

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  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    WM's...most of the moms I know and spend time with I have met through the kids DC.
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  • All of my friends are WMs. Many of my family members (including ILs) are SAHMs.
  • A lot of my previous DD friends are sahms now. But I've made an effort to find working mom friends since having her. Now I think I have more working mom friends and acquaintances
  • Most of my friends and the moms in our social circle are SAHMs. There's a small number of working moms we know.
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  • I too actually don't think I know any SAHMs!  But I do know a fair amount of teachers who will have the summer to be home.  I'm jealous.... :) 
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  • shannmshannm
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    Considering I met most of my friends at work and daycare, most are working moms. I have recently started some friendships with SAHMS that I met at DSs school.

  • Most of my friends are WMs.  I can only think of one friend who's a SAHM, and she says she would rather work if the drama in her life would stop conspiring against her.
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  • Most of my friends WOH
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  • Most of my mom friends outside of work are SAHMs.  In fact, I'm really the only one of my friends with a career.  A few have side jobs - selling Tupperware, waitressing, etsy - and a couple are professionals that work very part time (ex. a nurse friend works 1 day a month just to keep her foot in the door at the hospital) but none of my mom friends work full time.  My non-mom friends work crazy hours. 

    I'm glad I have some good mom friends at work that can relate...

  • It's about half and half.

    My SAHM friends are awesome though. We are all supportive of each others decisions and life styles.

    My family on the other hand is also split. My cousin who stays at home spews all the time how she doesn't want anyone else raising her kids so she stays at home. Insert eye roll here. She lives in her moms basement, so umm, can I even take her seriously? Lol.
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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    Out of my really close girl friends we are pretty mixed.  A couple stay at home, a couple work PT, and a couple work FT.
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  • I work with a lot of working moms, but mainly moms to older kids, like high-school and college age.  Of the moms with kids the same age as my own, I'd say it's split pretty evenly between stay-at-home and working.

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  • 50/50 here. Most of my college friends work, most of my family works, but a fair number of the women in my neighborhood stay at home. A lot of them are starting to think about going back to work though, at least part time, as their kids get to preschool age. 
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  • Most of my friends are working moms, but most of them have alternative schedules or have offset their schedule with their husband's so I actually have a lot of friends with their babies not in daycare or in it for just half a day at a time. So most families I know are kinda in between: I only know two other families like ours - both working parents with standard M-F 8:30-5 schedules and I only know two full-time SAHMs.

    All the women in my family work - going back at least 5 generations. So I've never seen what a stay-at-home mom's life would look like up close. 

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  • salt78salt78
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    Most stay home. I wish I had more working mom friends.
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  • Pips09Pips09
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    My friends are all WMs. The only SAHM I know is my SIL.
  • I don't know one person from college, grad school or even high school that is a SAHM. However, the moms I know in our neighborhood that actually have kids that are my DS's age are almost all SAHMs.



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  • Most SAH.  However, most of my friends that are parents grew up with me in the church, and it's unusual (at least at our church) for the mom to work. 

    I no longer live near most of these friends, but even in my current location, I'm the only working mom at my church.

    It makes it more difficult, because I'd really like to SAH.

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  • KL777KL777
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    I have a mixture, probably half and half. Most of them come from my moms' group when I SAH and from my church.

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  • Half and half. I used to only know SAHMs but then my best friend and another friend had babies and went back to work and I also met a few WMs. It's funny, most of "my"
    friends with kids work and most of the women I met through H stay home.
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  • aeh72aeh72
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    All of my mom friends work, with the exception of one. 
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  • Most of my original friends in this area are FT working moms. I'm switching to SAH this winter (and/or looking for something PT!) and I feel like an anomaly. Then again, most of them have just one child so far despite the fact that we are in our late 30s. 

    Most of the moms I know via preschool and some that I know through work, most of whom have more than one child, are PT instead of FT. 

    I know some SAH also. In DD's preschool class of 14 kids, I know of 2 other moms who both also just decided to SAH for awhile, so that's interesting. I think many of us are at the stage of having 2+ LOs close in age. 

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  • All of my close friends are WMs.  There are a lot of SAHMs in our neighborhood, though.
  • Almost all of my friends work.  They may work part-time or be teachers who are off in the summer, but I know very few who are 100 percent SAH.
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