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Naps and feedings what's your schedule?

Ok so I am trying to work with the boys to get a set nap schedule down or as close to one as i can before we tackle night sleep issues. They are getting pretty predictable but sometimes naps fall in the way of when they should eat. Their schedule basically goes like this
Up at 8, eat around 8:30, nap 10 to 11, eat at 11:30, nap at 1 or 1:30, eat at 2:30?, nap around 4, eat at 4:30 then eat again around 6:30 before bed at 7.
My big question is that middle of the day feeding. I think their 1:00 nap would go longer if they didn't get hungry. Would you feed before that nap or just let it go and they will wake when hungry?
They typically go 3 hours in between bottles but sometimes 2.5 hours.
What's you schedule like?

Re: Naps and feedings what's your schedule?

  • ::sigh:: We have no semblance of a schedule, or even a routine lately. I don't know if it's teething, a growth spurt, or just a change in his cycles, but DS has totally changed the game up on me this week.  He used to be up at 6:30ish, and then we'd follow an eat/play/sleep routine that went in about 90 minute increments.  DS took pretty consistent 30 minute naps, and went to bed around 6:30.

    This week DS has been very easily tired out, and not coping well anymore with his 30 minute cat naps. He'll wake up from a nap, then get really fussy less than an hour later, and I'll fight with him for another 20 minutes trying to get him back down. Sometimes when I do he'll crash for two hours. He used to never nap beyond 5 p.m., so that made bedtime a very easy decision. Now he's knocking out at all hours. Today he felt asleep at twenty of six and napped until twenty past six. And still crashed into bed at 7:20. We squeeze in feedings between the nap battles we fight all day.  I'm hoping he's figuring out how to take longer naps and this little phase is what he's doing to work it all out.

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    We don't really do a schedule. I feed him on demand, which is usually every 2-3 hours. Depending on how long his naps are, sometimes he ends up doing eat-play-sleep, but sometimes he's not hungry when he wakes up so we play, eat, play then sleep. We're trying to get him to take naps longer than 30 minutes, so his feeding schedule kind of works around his nap schedule. And sometimes he does get hungry again before his nap. I just go with the flow. Sorry to not be of much help! 

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  • We're up around 6:30 (when DH leaves for work), at which time I nurse until DD falls asleep again, which doesn't usually take very long.  Then she wakes up for good between 8:30 to 9.  (Yes, that's right; it takes her about a half hour to wake up as she does a half hour of stretching, cooing, smiling, etc.--her thing, not mine, but it's hilarious.)  I give her a full bottle at 9 and put her in her swing until I finish eating.  Then nap time until around 11:30.  Then another full feeding at noon, followed by another nap til around 2:30, 3.  Then she's up until a smaller feeding at 5:30,6 when DH comes home and can feed her while I cook.  Then we do our night time routine at 8:15 (bath, lotion, bottle with book and bed).  She usually wakes up during the night around 2:30, 3 at which time I nurse her back to sleep.
  • Bedtime is always 8:30p, then nurse at 6am, back down until 8a, and then it's a free-for-all the rest of the day.  I just demand nurse and put her down after she's been awake roughly two hours.
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  • I have still just been following his patterns of eating approximately every 3 hours and having 2 hours of awake time between naps. He was getting a nice pattern going, but now I think we're smack into the 4 month wakeful so as much as I am trying to find order - I think it's probably a fool's errand for me until he's through this! :P He's always changing the rules of the game!


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