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feeling TOO good?

I'm 38w and feeling...good. Dare I say great?? I'm very fortunate to have had a pretty good pregnancy but I'm wondering why I am still feeling pretty good at 38w? Don't get me wrong, there's a whole lotta pressure 'down there', and I have to pee a lot, sleeping sucks most nights, it hurts to get out of bed and out of our low car and yeah, I'm much more tired than usual but it's really not that bad. The doc says baby is dropping as every week I am measuring smaller and she suspects I'm thinning (though she has never checked) because of the extra discharge...and occasional braxton hicks but I feel like I feel TOO good to be anywhere near labor! I know I have 2 weeks left but people keep on asking me how I'm feeling and how I'm coping and all this and they all seem surprised when I say I feel fine. I'm still working too, and plan to until 39w. I'm full of energy for some reason! Today I weeded for an hour, ran several errands, cooked for 2 hours, did several loads of laundry...(I did have a 1.5 hour nap though!)  

Does anyone else feel really good around 38w too?? Just can't help but worry this means I'm gonna be really overdue....


Re: feeling TOO good?

  • This was and is me too, and unfortunately I am at 41 weeks 3 days pregnant.  The good news is, I still feel great.  I have contributed a lot of that to working out 5 days a week, which I have continued even this week.  I am still working full time and just waiting for baby girl to arrive either on her own this week or at her planned induction on Friday at 42 wk/1d.  Either way, she is getting evicted this week.  I just keep telling myselft that it's really not that bad considering that my only negative symptoms (up until yesterday) were swelling of my feet and hands and being uncomfortable when I roll over and/or get out of bed. Unfortunately, I got what looks like some sort of rash of pregnancy this week. I'm so itchy!!  I think it's my body saying it's time for baby girl to get out one way or another. 

    Just enjoy the fact that you aren't miserable.  Hopefully that will continue until your baby comes.  Good luck!

  • I'm almost 36w and feeling pretty good most of the time.  I think a lot of people feel good throughout pregnancy, but those are the ones that don't really talk about it because it might make others feel worse!

    I have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far too (no morning sickness, no aches and pains etc)...just occasional restless legs and some minor insomnia in the middle, but nothing to complain about really.

    This pregnancy has been much like my last in that respect.

    However, I had a horrible 26+ hour labor that almost ended in a c/s and was just constant pain (no breaks between contractions, just constant cramping, pressure and pain...probably due to the pitocin I was given since I wasn't progressing even after my water broke 12+ hours before).  So, be happy you're feeling good now because you never know when it will get difficult I guess! 

  • I felt the same at the end of my pregnancy with DD. in fact, I was out doing yard work the night before I went into labor- one week before my due date. 
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  • That was me with DS! Although I did have a hard time finding a comfortable position when sitting in a chair either at my desk or a table. Otherwise I felt great and worked full time until I went into labor exactly on my EDD.
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  • I'm jealous. I'm only 34 weeks and feel like crap.
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  • Thanks ladies! I guess time will tell!  I didn't want to say anything before because a lot of ladies have a hard time and I feel bad for them...  I'm also still working out (but not 5x a week, maybe 3x) and hoping that will help me cope through labor. But who knows, anything is possible when baby is finally ready to show up! Thanks again :)

  • I envy you. I simply cannot relate.

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  • I could've written this post. I feel the exact same way. 38w4d today! Enjoy it and count your blessings. :) 
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  • I felt pretty good until 42 weeks.
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  • Count yourself lucky! 

    Feeling good doesn't necessarily mean you are going to go overdue. My sister had a fantastic pregnancy. She was in college when she got pregnant and took on extra work so that she could finish up her semester before my nephew was born. She went to class the day she went into labour and felt good enough to stay and finish up before heading to the hospital (she was around 39 weeks). 

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  • Yep, I feel great. I'm 39w and 5 days and I'm about to head off to the gym!  I've been working out everyday, going shopping, doing laundry, etc.  My doctor says staying active and healthy will help with labor and benefit the baby.  I'm actually really weird because aside from having to pee every 90 minutes I sleep like a rock.  The only issue I have is my ankles/feet sometimes swell - ironically on days I am less active!

    However, I am also worried it means that I am going to deliver late and I am really tired of being pregnant even though physically I feel fine.   

  • I'm 35 weeks and I am feeling really good.  I was so much more uncomfortable with my first son.  I guess it just depends on the pregnancy.

  • Some pregnancies are just better than others. My last 2 were a breeze, this one has been easy after I got through actually having morning sickness (a first!). I'm not at 38 weeks obviously but I foresee this one being easy the rest of the time too.

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  • I feel good too!! I also deal with the crappy sleeping at nighttime but other than that, I dont feel huge or overwhelmed. I do have quite a bit to do before LO gets here, but I want to clean the house, keep up on laundry and get a few projects done around the house, before we go into the hospital next week. I hear a lot of complaints etc about being pg, so I was worried I may be the only one actually feeling okay. lol
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  • I jinxed myself. My lower back is so locked up I can barely move hah. 
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  • I am 39 weeks + 1 day and feeling great too! Yes
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  • I felt like this and still do physically at 40 w and 4 d. She is too content and I don't think coming out anytime soon. Mentally I'm not sure how much longer I can take it

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