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help! constipation

Okay ladies, what's the best thing to use for constipation? We've tried apple, pear prune juice, apples, karo syrup, green beans and suppositories with no luck. Poor baby nothing seems to be working : tia.

Re: help! constipation

  • Oh I feel your pain! DD has been the exact same way. We tried all juices, baby food, warm baths, karo syrup and suppositories too. The veggie baby food worked a few time (squash and carrots mainly) but then they stopped working too. It got really bad for her so her pediatrician ended up prescribing her some medicine. She takes it twice a day about every other say and its been a miracle worker. If the baby goods and juices don't help, talk to your pediatrician. Good luck!!
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  • Best thing for our LO was prune puree. We've offered water with just a bit of apple or pear juice, but the puree was MUCH more effective.

     ETA: Also, not sure what you're feeding your LO, but we cut the rice cereal because it was slowing things down. He does much better on only fruits and veggies, sometimes a little oatmeal. 

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  • if you tried all that already, call your pediatrician!
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  • thanks ladies. i took her to the dr today and they gave her some medicine and she used the bathroom 3x since 3pm
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