disney and multiples

If you've been to disney or a similar vacation themepark with your multiples...

how old were they?

any other kids?

how long did it take to get there/how did you travel?

would you do it again at that age? 

We just did 5 days/4 nights at the beach with all 3 kids and my niece as an assistant. It was 10x harder then just taking 1 kid used to be.

I'm basically trying to talk myself out of doing Disney around Christmas. It would be a 12 hour drive, my aunt volunteered to go along as help (it would be her, DH and the kids). The boys would be 22 months, DD would be 7. If it was one baby I'd go for it, without the help. But two? 75% of me thinks I'm crazy. the other 25% likes planning vacations. ;)



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Re: disney and multiples

  • scorchscorch
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    If you can wait one more year , it would be better.  Stuff got better for me after my twins turned 2.  I have no problems taking them anywhere by myself , I even take them to farmers market by myself, but I never would have done that before the age of two, or even right after.
  • I took my girls right at age 3 and that was a great age.  They recognized the characters, enjoyed the rides, but were old enough.  We took a break in the middle of the day which was perfect for everyone.

    We flew down and again, age 3 is great for flights. 

  • We went for a day (as part of a week in Orlando) when they were 2.5 and it did not go well. It was June and the heat and long lines ... one of my boys did OK; the other was completely miserable. It just wasn't worth it for us. I'm glad we only spent one day there. I know others who have had great experiences with kids that age though.
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  • I guess it depends on your expectations! We are taking the 4 kids this year for 34 days this summer. We don't plan to race around hitting every ride and we are ok splitting up if someone needs to take the babies for a nap and the other person can stay with the bigs in the park. And we are planning to go slow and just take it easy. Your twins won't remember much about it before 4 or so, but there is a lot to look at. And lots of rides that are baby rides don't have terribly long lines. We have taken the bigs just about every year but the last. Oh and we are also going Monday Thursday so the parks are a little less busy.

    Oh and we are flying have to go to SoCal for a wedding anyhow and will have no other help. Older kids are 8 and 11. If you'll have your aunt there, it sounds totally doable if she is comfortable like taking your 7yo around a bit or staying with you and the little ones.
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  • I have no advice on the multiples part, but I took a group of 10 kids for work two years ago around then. We went the second week in Dec and it was AWESOME! Decor was awesome but the lines were REALLY short b/c it was after Thanksgiving break but before the FL kids got out of school for winter break. So if you go keep that in mind!
  • image sweetsugarmama:
    If you've been to disney or a similar vacation themepark with your old were they?Disneyland at 22 months
    any other kids?
    how long did it take to get there/how did you travel?
    12 hour drive to San Diego, where we stayed for a week. Slightly less than two hour drive to Disneyland. We went up two days.
    would you do it again at that age?
    Yes, but I think 3 would have been better. We wouldn't have gone if we weren't going to Southern CA anyway. But we did have a great time. The boys loved the rides and seeing their favorite characters everywhere. They were mesmirized by Small World. The hardest part was naps. If we'd been staying at a local hotel I would have gone back to the room at nap time, but since we were staying in San Diego that wasn't an option. We probably should have put them in the car, but we just had them nap in the stroller.

    All in all it was a great experience, but I can't speak to the confusion of adding a third child.
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  • We just went in march to Disnyland. The trio was 15 months and DS1 was 4 years it was just DH and I. We went for 3 days but we also went to Seaworld and it was a drive across country so we spent like 5 days in car it was in route to a move. We can't wait to go again in a few years DH and I want to go back now lol. We will go once the trio is closer to 4 so they can enjoy it more. And our next time we plan to go in December. 

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  • image sweetsugarmama:

    We went to Disneyland in Feb

    how old were they? 14 months

    any other kids? Yes DD age 4

    how long did it take to get there/how did you travel? About 7 hours driving (it usually takes us 5 hours with no kids in tow).

    would you do it again at that age? Maybe, it was nice not to have to buy tickets for them, and for the most part they were still okay to sit in the stroller. But, we were lucky to be able to get 3 days worth of tickets for the price of 1 (military discount). If I was paying full price I don't think it would have been worth it. 

    I know that around Christmas is one of the times that the Disney parks get really crowded, so you might be better off waiting until January.  

    Planning vacations is one of my favorite things to do too :)  We've taken a few with all the kids. Besides Disney we went on a road trip through Oregon and on a trip to Kauai. Honestly, the easiest trips have been when we've rented a vacation house in a nice area and just stayed close to the house. 

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  • We just got back from Orlando this weekend. We had planned on doing 1 day at the Magic Kingdom but when we went to Downtown Disney the day before it took us an hour to get out of the 1st store between diaper changes, feedings and rain so we decided to save the money. They enjoyed DD (free unless you buy stuff) and the resort pools just as much as they would have the park. Probably more because we could easily go back to the room when things started to get out of hand. But of course, ours are younger (just under 6 months). Our family lives out there and kept saying that when we come next year we'll do this and that but secretly we may wait another year to save some sanity. It was a very exhausting "vacation"!
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