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How does your LO do with veggies?  My LO is a year old and does well with finger foods, but he's picky.  He loves edamame of all things so we have that a lot.  He also loves veggie burgers so I give him little pieces of those.  But other than getting veggies through pouches, that's about it.  What kinds of veggies does your LO eat and in what forms?

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  • My DS is a veggie lover! He likes roasted or steamed sweet potatoe or squash, I'll season it up and give him fingers of it. He also loves peas, broccoli, carrots, green beans, and corn and I usually steam them so they are soft enough for him. I avoid using salt but I use other herbs/spices
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  • My son eats all veggies...thank goodness he's not picky lol

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  • My DS is a picky eater unfortunately. He does ok with vege but does not like meat of any kind! We usually feed him grilled zucchinis or cut up boiled cauliflower and carrots. He also like peas and edamame as well.
  • Ella pretty much eats everything. Steamed brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, roasted or mashed potatoes, avocado chunks (technically a fruit but very healthy)
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  • He doesnt love veggies. He likes them cut up small and mixed in. There are a few things he definitely doesnt like like any melon and eggs. Veggies are usually ok.
  • DD is just starting to eat food, so we haven't ventured into many veggies yet.  She had GI issues and we couldn't start food until 10 months.

    I wanted to chime in to say that DS (almost 4) is quite selective, and it started right around age 1.  He does not eat veggies.  Ever.  He sees DH and me eating veggies, we go to the farmer's market, he helps me cook, but he just will not eat them.  And he hates all sauces, so it is quite difficult even to hide any veggies in his foods.  I don't worry about it. He is perfectly healthy.  I follow Ellen Satter's advice about feeding children:


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  • My LO isn't super picky about veggies. She seems to prefer them steamed of all the ways I've tried to prepare them.

    Her favorites are broccoli, sweet potato, and any squash/zucchini  

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