Successful VBAC Story (PIP)

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Short Version: Mair.in June was born Tuesday, June 4th at 2:07am via successful VBAC weighing in at 8lbs, 8oz, 20.5" at 39wk5d.

Long Version: My water broke Monday evening as DH and I were putting DD1&2 to bed.  I went to lay down with DD1 and felt/heard a POP but initially thought it was my pubic bone popping.  Soon felt a significant gush and ended up soaking 2 sets of pads & clothes before making it into the car.  IL's came to get older DDs and we made it to the hospital about 9:00pm.

In Evaluation, I was 3cm and had my first contractions.  I was admitted and settled into my room.  I walked for quite a while and contractions picked up but were pretty manageable till 11:30-12midnight.  I was checked and at 4cm then.  Resident said she'd return at 2am to re-check unless I had significant contraction change.

Things picked up and I tried the birthing ball.  It was way too small for my long legs.  I didn't last long on it as I felt my knees were at my chin. Contractions were about 2-3min apart and I needed to breathe, close my eyes through them.  My nurse was great in noticing my changes and suggested at recheck at 1am.  I was at 5cm.

Expecting a long night and not feeling super encouraged by my 2cm progress in 4hrs, DH and I discussed it and decided to settle in with an epidural.   The CRNA was called and in my room within 10mins.  He prepped me but then there was the horrible process of trying to track down my platelet numbers as the computers were down and the lab wasn't answering. It took 2 tries to get the epi placed and by the time he was done I was shaking pretty significantly.  My nurse noticed and decided to check me.  I was complete, 100%, and baby was at -1. 

So from 1am-1:45am I went from 5-10cm.  The OB had been called since it's standard for them to be on site at 5cm+ for VBACs. I was told not to push till he arrived even though the Resident was ready to catch. After 10-15min of pushing, Miss M arrived with a small 2nd degree tear.  Considering she's over 2lbs bigger than my previous vaginal delivery, I don't think that's too bad.

If I had known I would progress so quickly in that last hour, I wouldn't have gone for the epi but I was expecting a much longer night.  Recovery has been interesting.  I had been fighting a cold this whole week which turned into a raging case of pink eye late Tuesday afternoon. We were released Thursday morning after 48hrs monitoring due to GBS and I realized a massive spinal headache and ended up needing a blood patch on Friday afternoon. Mair.in is a great nurser though. Big sisters just love doting, holding, and talking to her.

Here's a pic of her swishy face:




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