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Baby belly sleeper ?

My question for those with babies who sleep on their belly. Do you have problems with diaper leakage? If so has any one switched diapers or found anything that works? DS sttn and I do not want to change that by waking him up in the motn to change him. I think washing his bedding every day will get annoying too though! Tia for any suggestions!

While writing this post I suddenly had flashbacks of the many post that asked "Is it safe for me to sleep on my belly still at....various stages of pregnancy?" We have come a long way ladies!!!
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Re: Baby belly sleeper ?

  • We CD and have not had any leakage issues because I double over the insert in the front.

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  • No leakage. I think if they are between sizes go up to the bigger one. Or try pampers 12 h poo ur nighttime. We actually only have leaked pee in cloth diapers.
  • I have a wiggle worm sleeper, that flips back to belly and belly to back multiple times a night, while moving all around the crib. She would wake up every morning with a big wet circle on her pj's where she leaked. I went up a size just at night, since shes within a pound of the wearing them anyway, and no leaking since. I guess since she moves so much, it helps that they cover more area.
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  • image Mom2anAngel2:
    We CD and have not had any leakage issues because I double over the insert in the front.

    This exactly 

  • We had this issue and use Pampers 12 hour diapers at night and as soon as DD is a 3 we will go to overnight diapers. The overnight diapers do not come in size 2. The switch has really helped with her leaking problem. It only happens every once in awhile and that is when her feeding schedule happened where she are right before bed. Usually there is time between her last feeding and when she goes down.
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  • We use the Seventh Generation diapers and went up to size 3 with no leaks even when sttn. Diaper sizes never really correspond with my kids' weights so we just switch up when we notice leaking.
  • We use Luvs, and they don't normally leak unless she sleeps longer than 12 hours. Even then, we have extra sheets so if we have to change it, it's NBD because I can wash it whenever I wash her clothes. They also have nighttime diapers. I think pampers and huggies both have them.



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  • I put LO in Huggies Overnights size 4 during the night. They seem to do the trick. Except last night but he pooped in the MON so I think that was the issue.
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  • We use Pampers Swaddlers and haven't had any issues!

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  • Thanks ladies! He just started sleeping in his belly. Before that we never had a leak with luvs. Tonight I put him in a size 3 and made sure his pee pee was pointing down. Of course then he pooped so I put another size 3 on him and forgot to make sure pee pee was down. Oh well what can you do lol!
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