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anyone with 2 under 2?

How is it going? it's so much work chasing after my 2 year old while holding my 2 month old. I hope it gets easier.

Re: anyone with 2 under 2?

  • Yeah, DS1 turned two in April and I had the twins in March. So for a while there we had three under two. I won't say it is easy, and none of my children sleep through the night, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Some day I might get some sleep again and until then I will just try to enjoy having three little darlings that are happy to cuddle and hug and play all day long.
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  • Yep, well for another month anyway! DD1 turns 2 next month but I agree, it's definitely been challenging. She's just hitting the terrible two's phase and coupled with a newborn, I'm usually going crazy by the end of the day!

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  • Here!  Dd1 will be 2 at the end of July. it's going better than I expected...but I prepared myself for the worst. She's never acted out against the new baby and wants to help or hold her, so that's all going smoothly so far. But she often wants to be picked up or held or sit on my lap, and when I can't there are usually tears. And a lot of typical tantrums that come at this age, and my patience is a little thin from lack of sleep.  Fortunately dd1 has remained in daycare while I'm on maternity leave, so while mornings and evenings are tough to juggle feeding & dressing both kids, and the car rides to/from are rarely completely smooth, I don't have to juggle 24/7. It really helps that dd2 is a pretty easy baby so far - a good sleeper and generally happy.  Also, mh is bonding way more now with dd1 which I love. 

    it will be interesting to see how the mornings go when I start back at work in a few weeks and have to get myself ready and all 3 of us out the door earlier! 

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  • I have twin girls who turned two six days before their brother was born. The logistics of caring for them all at the same time was a little difficult at first, but luckily because they've always had to share my attention I never had to deal with jealousy issues.
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    3 under 2 here! Brooke and Ellie just learned how to walk and run so chasing them around is what we have been doing most of here. Jonah is really laid back so he is a super easy baby! 
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  • Yup, my tot just turned two last week. It's going better than I expected for the most part, but I prepared for the worst like PP. My H is out of town right now which has made the tot very clingy and needy. She hes been getting mad at me and throwing a fit when I have to take care of the baby. LO is a very easy baby though, so most of the time i can put her down and love on the tot.

    Its not a walk in the park, but I am very happy with the spacing. My sis and I are very close in age and she's my best friend. I hope my girls grow up that way too :) 

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    Like PP, the toddler is still in daycare, which has saved my sanity.  He for the most part has been good with the baby and tries to help by bringing her blanket or paci, but there have definitely even some jealousy issues with some of his toys. He also gets a little aggressive with his love for her sometimes... A snuggle is more like laying on top of her.  :). Overall he has done really well with the change. 


    When the toddler does bug the baby, she has the exact same pouty face cry as her big brother.  It's pretty cute. 

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  • I just can't get older baby enough attention and I can't give younger one the attention she needs. I feel like I need more people around to help. It's been really hard on me and I feel like I"m doing something wrong. 

     Any tips?  

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    image pharmgirl80:

    I just can't get older baby enough attention and I can't give younger one the attention she needs. I feel like I need more people around to help. It's been really hard on me and I feel like I"m doing something wrong. 

     Any tips?  

    I'm not there now, but my first 2 are just under 2 years apart, so I have been where you are. Can you try getting YH to take one while you focus on the other? That was really helpful for me, and that way you both get special one-on-one time with both babies. During the rest of the day, just do the best you can. You won't always be able to make both of them happy, but they will forgive you for it. I promise.

    It also will get easier to manage both at once. It's a learning curve, but with time, you will settle into a routine that works for your family. And then you'll have something else to figure out. :)


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  • It all depends on the day. There are some days I think I am going to lose my mind and other days that are amazing. I can tell you that since DD2 arrived a lot of my "I would never" have become routine. When I am with DD2 I have found that keeping my other LOs in the same room helps....they eat lunch while I nurse DD2, they watch TV in the family room while I nurse DD2....there have been a lot of bribes.I finally feel like we are starting to get some sort of routine which has reduced my utilization of my "I would never"


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