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Tummy time

My babe still hates tummy time. I try to do just five minutes at a time but often times he even cries through that. How many minutes a day do you all do? Any tips? I just hate forcing it and seeing him cry...

Re: Tummy time

  • I used to use my Boppy to prop him up under his armpits but it is a little high... Then I remembered I was gifted a cool mat set with a Mini Boppy pillow and it is the perfect size to give DS a little lift. He tolerates it much better then just being flat although I only use it about half the time, and am using it less and less each week. I think you can just buy the mini pillow separately too:


    A rolled towel could probably work too. Also we do about 5 to 10 minutes at a time, maybe 2 or 3 times a day laying on the floor, in addition to when I have him on my chest or shoulder.

    ETA: link needs hyphens after tummy and play, sorry!
  • Mine used to cry after a minute or two.  I just kept doing it and he eventually started to tolerate it for longer periods.  Now he loves it.  I take the same stance with tummy time as I do with sleeping - if he is happy or just fussing, I leave him be; if he is full-on crying, I'll pick him up or roll him over.



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