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  • It's not recommended by the AAP for a reason and doesn't jive with my parenting style.


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  • I have heard from others who have used it that they like it.  That said, I have major problems with it for the reasons pitterpatter's link outlined.  I chose not to use it after doing some research.  That said, my best friend has read it and sort of adapts certain things from it, but not all of it, to her baby-raising (I don't know what exactly she does or doesn't do). 

    I think, like anything else, you do the research and decide for yourself.  I am a stickler for anything the AAP does and doesn't recommend, though.



  • I bought it before realizing how controversial it was. There apparently were some updates which makes it more friendly (stress on a combination of timing OR baby cues, vs. just timing which it apparently was before) and emphasizing that as a parent, you need to also use your judgement.

    That being said, its really not a user friendly read - I gave up at about 40%. And I NEVER give up on books that I've paid more than $1 for. If you buy it, make sure to buy hard copy, it's too hard to refer back or to schedules in the e-copy.  

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  • I had no idea how controversial this book was! Here's my story with Babywise:

    It was recommended to me by a few friends so I read it while pregnant. I thought it made sense and planned to implement it with my baby. Realize, though, that I am a very go-with-the-flow type of person so I knew that I wouldn't be 100% committed.

    Baby was born and as a typical newborn with absolutely no schedule or patterns, there was NO WAY I was following Babywise at ALL. I thought it was crap because it wasn't working at all and I almost threw it out the window. 

    At about 6 weeks, I started really honing in on baby's cues and following them and sure enough, a little eat-wake-sleep pattern started to emerge without me even forcing it... This made me revisit the book.

    Now at 3 months, we are semi-following it. I try to stick to the eat-wake-sleep pattern (when we're out, it sometimes goes out the window), but I don't follow the book's prescribed times. My baby eats more like every 2-2.5 hours, not every 3. And there's no way my baby is taking 1.5-2 hours naps. More like 45 minutes!

    And just this week, I started laying him down in his crib still awake and letting him put himself to sleep (with pacifier). But, I have to say that I wasn't at all planning on doing this so early. The only reason I am is because he is showing me signs of wanting that/being ready for that. 

    So I guess my overall thought about this book is that I like it, but I made some major adjustments to it to fit my baby. As with every book about parenting that's out there, you gotta take it with a grain of salt and realize that your baby never read that book! 

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