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Gonna be well travelled!

DS and I are heading to Arizona at the end of this month, and then to Montreal in August. I just got his picture for his passport and it totally looks like a mug shot! 

Looking forward to going abroad with my little man. Any tips for airplane travel from those mamas who have flown with their LOs?  

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Re: Gonna be well travelled!

  • We just got dds passport shot taken today. So cute and funny. I have found they travel well at this age. Plan to nurse/feed during take off and landing. My kids usually sleep through flights when they are babies. I always baby wear at the airport, but you can gate check a stroller for free if you need to. Have fun!
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  • I recently did a blog post about traveling with kids. We've flown with both girls twice now, DD1 has been on an airplane probably 10 times or more.

    Both of them slept quite a bit as babies while flying. With DD2 I try to nurse on take off and basically let her nurse as long as she wants to keep her asleep and quiet. But even when she was awake she was relatively content.
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