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Favorite product/brand/baby item

Mobile:  favorite product/brand/baby item

 Would love to hear about them.  I don't have a ton of friends with babies so I'm constantly reading amazon reviews trying to find the best products for LO.

Thought we could all share our "must haves" whether it be your bottles, nursery items, bath products, etc.

Mine is Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm.  LO had the worse diaper rash, (white blisters) and I tried so many products that did nothing until this.  I use it at every diaper change and her bottom has been completely clear...can't live without it!



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Re: Favorite product/brand/baby item

  • My must haves include

    Swaddle blanket of some sort
    Sleep sheep
    Watch the movie "the happiest baby on the block"
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  • Nose frida

    Crane character humidifier

    Johnson & Johnson hand and face wipes


     palmers tummy butter for me! 


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  • Swaddleme's. LOVE them.

    Also, some sort of white noise (a fan does just fine) 

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  • Wubbanub! Love that pacifier thing. And spit rags. So many spit rags.
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  • Our bum genius 4.0s, the only diaper he hasn't had a blow out in. knock on wood!

    The cheap Fisher Price swing we got at Target. It vibrates and swings and is so much better than the swingonly we registered for because it was cute.

  • My Brest Friend pillow.
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  • Boba 3G carrier. Love it so much better than the Baby Bjorn I had with my first DS. I also love the SwaddleMe for swaddling. 
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  • Dutailier glider, ergo, twin my breast friend, white noise app
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  • Not mentioned yet favorite items learned from my first kiddo:

    snap n go stoller

    jeep stroller hooks

    munchkin bottle basket for ddishwasher 

    dr browns formula mixing ppitcher

    purple desitin or Butt paste diaper cream 

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  • evertzevertz
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    Boppy, bouncer, RnP, and paci are my favorite baby items. I also love our adan + anais swaddle blankets.
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  • Ann003Ann003
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    Pacifiers, miracle blankets, windis and our mamaroo helped us survive the colicky first 8 weeks.
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  • Ergo, rocker, the new pram we bought. Love them so much!
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  • Aden + anais - everything I've bought from this brand - swaddling blankets, wash cloths, crib sheet, changing pad cover, sleep sack - love them all

    Avent pacifiers

    Formula dispenser, especially since LO takes cereal with her formula. I can pre-measure everything for quick prep during MOTN feedings.

    The Fisher Price stuff we have has been great - Snugabunny swing and playmat, and a vibrating chair 

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  • My top two are:

    Spa Silk onesies -- they are awesome -- you don't have to put anything over the babies head to dress / undress him, which is awesome for middle of the night (our little guy cries when I pull stuff over his head) -- amazon

    Pumpin' Pal breast shields for breast pump -- amazon, makes sitting position while pumping more comfortable 


    Swing (Graco; operates off battery OR can be plugged in - he falls asleep in this instantly and is so happy to be put in it).

    White noise machine (has a ton of different nature sounds, but we only ever use the white noise setting; Conair; bought it at Target)

    Halo sleep sacks that can be used arms in or arms out (wrapping never worked for us, and these are tight enough up top yet loose enough on the bottom to make him comfy)

    Dr Browns' Formula pitcher (just discovered this -- a must have if you are using formula as it mixes perfect clump-free formula!)

    Graco Pack n' Play iwth basinette attachment (little guy slept in the baseinette for the first 6 weeks, then 2 weeks in the raised crib part until I transitioned him to his own room/crib)

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  • Ergo, snugabunny swing and bouncy seat, RnP and with my first, the snap n go stroller! Our travel system was such a waste!

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  • image Monsieur_et_Madame_Ha:

    Swaddleme's. LOVE them.

    Also, some sort of white noise (a fan does just fine) 

    Swaddle Me's!

    NUK pacifiers

    Burp cloths in every room, he has reflux. 


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  • Halo sleep sack - she loves it! We have a Fischer price vibrating chair that she likes more than the mamaroo - and I can drag it into the bathroom when I shower. She will sit there content with the white noise for the ceiling fan an maybe even catch a nap. 

     We originally started out with a recaro convertible car seat and separate stroller (mamas and papas sola). My old roomie from college's oldest just grew out of their infant seat/carrier/stroller system so she gave it to us. We just got the conversion for the mamas and papas stroller which gives us extra flexibility and is been awesome. 

     Oh, and lots of cloth diapers for spit up, propping her head during feelings while using hoppy, etc.  

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  • Another vote for Aden and Anais blankets. Also the boppy was a must have for the first month and a half, not as much now but in the beginning we couldn't have lived without!

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  • BJ City Mini - I love the way it collapses and it handles well

    Baby Bjorn - saves me from messing around with a bunch of wrapping and I don't have to lug her in her seat for errands

    RNP - DD slept in this the first 2 months and we have a second that we folded up and stowed for when she went to Grandma's house

    Halo swaddle sacks - the only way we were able to get her to sleep flat when transitioning out of the PNP, I suck at swaddling and these make it hassle free and I'm able to get it tight enough so she doesn't bust out of it 



  • Swaddle Strap - only swaddles her arms, so can use in swing and isn't as hot as the full blankets. LOVE THIS http://annaandeve.com/index.html 

    Snuza Hero - great peace of mind when she's sleeping

    Things I don't want to do without:

    swing, boppy, FP kick & play piano gym (just got the gym, and she's so happy)

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