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Weekend activities

What does everyone do on the weekends for fun with their babies?  DS is 5 months old and my husband and I haven't really done much out of the house with him other than errands/shopping. I'm trying to think of some fun things we can do. I feel like he is too young to really enjoy things like an aquarium or the beach. Just looking for sme fun ideas for both him and for us to get out if the house!
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Re: Weekend activities

  • DD and I go to mommy and baby yoga. All three of us, including DH, sometimes go for walks.

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  • We took our 5 month old to the aquarium, more for us than him, and he actually seemed to enjoy it. We were surprised!  



  • Hudson is 5 months and we've taken him to 3 different zoos.  He loves it!  We talk with him about the animals and he smiles and laughs!  He also loves water, so we got a kiddie pool and sit him in so he can splash.  We also take walks, blow bubbles, run errands, etc.  We always talk to him about what we are buying, etc.  I don't think it's doing expensive things that is important.  It's the time together as a family!  We live in TN and usually look for community activities that are free or inexpensive.  
  • Our LO just loves to go out, so we take her lots of places. 

    Today we went to the mall to see a Peanuts show with Snoopy and our local mascot.  She enjoyed watching the other kids and parents more than the show, but danced to the music.  Then we went to a nice restaurant for lunch, and the majority of tables had small children at that hour.  She likes to people watch.

    We live near a state park and like to go hiking on the easy trails with her and the dogs.  She loves fresh air.  We go to minor league baseball games at least once every other week.  We just got a library card for her and will be trying some story time soon.

    Hopefully she's not too young for the aquarium and beach because we're going on vacation there in 3 weeks!

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    DD loves being forward facing in her carrier, which means she's cool with just about anything because she can see everything!

    We live in DC, so we so lots of walks on the Mall and she likes to people watch at museums. This one is unique to us, but I ride and took her to her first horse show today. She loves the horses and is happy to be around them all day. Farmers markets are also fun!
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    DD and I go to mommy and baby yoga. All three of us, including DH, sometimes go for walks.
    Your so lucky to have mommy and baby yoga! Dh and I are both on parental leave for the summer, so every day is kind of like the weekend. We go for walks on the board walk or the park, go to the mall or downtown shopping, visit family and friends, and we will be going to the wildlife park.  when we are outside I walk around with him in his moby and show him trees and flowers and let him feel the different textures. I would definitely take your lo to the aquarium, you would be surprised what will catch their attention 
  • Our 5 month old really enjoyed the large fish tank and sounds of the falling water at Bass Pro Shops and it's free!
  • My husband loves to window shop, so we often do that on the weekends.  We've also been to the beach and that was much more successful than I had imagined.  It helps to go on a cool day, though, since LO has to be covered up.  We do lots of walks or have friends over or just explore around town.



  • Go down to the beach (like 10 min away) in the morning and take walks...I usually have her in my sling so she can nap as she likes and I can feed her a bottle if I need to. We go to outdoor malls, we've taken her to a festival and I wore her the entire time. We go to lunch, sometimes.

    Really if you have a carrier/sling you can go do what you need to do.  Now, I will say LO stopped having great naps so we try to avoid all day things now; usually we try to make outings 3 hours at the most, because she'll need to come home and take a nap.

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  • I think at this age, you just do what you want to do and make them a part of it.  So if you choose to go to a baseball game, take the baby and tell the baby all about it, show them everything, etc.
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