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Anyone have the Canon 60D or t4i/t5i dslr camera?

If one was more expensive than the other, I would use that as the deciding factor, but they're the same.  If you have any of these cameras, how do you like it?  I'm looking for clear/crisp photos and ease of use.  Also, I like switching from camera to video mode. I have not seen too many reviews on the Canon t5i yet, but I think that is because it just replaced the t4i. 

Re: Anyone have the Canon 60D or t4i/t5i dslr camera?

  • You should repost this in the Photography board....but I have the t4i and my sister has the 60D. I love that the t4i has a touch screen - makes it super easy to make adjustments while photographing. The 60D takes a little bit more practice as far as switching the modes etc, but I feel like the 60D takes SLIGHTLY better pictures. She does however have a different lens than I do (Tamron). You can't go wrong with either, but for me it was the touch screen that was the deciding factor. Clear/crisp photos depend mostly on the lens, so you should buy just the body and spend the extra money on a great lens.
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  • I have the t4i and I absolutely love it.  I just got it recently, so I haven't figured out all the bells and whistles yet, but it takes amazing photos and I find it fairly easy to use.  I agree with the other poster, though -- make sure you get a quality lens with it.  That makes a huge difference.  
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