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Milk blister or plugged duct, or something else?

Hi everyone. I'm a FTM of a 2 week old that's EBFing and I have a few questions. I started out with latch issues in the hospital and the LC gave me a nipple shield to help recover from the damage. Now ive been weaning her off the shield fairly successfully but my left nipple is still having problems. I noticed now there is a small white blister on it after LO feeds. Since yesterday I've had a shooting pain while she feeds on that side. I actually took her off and switched sides one time yesterday it hurt so much. I thought it was just a bad latch but with the blister I think it might be something more serious. Today I'm noticing that my left breast feels hotter than normal.

Does this sound like a plugged duct, thrush, or mastitis to you? Also, for those of you that have had any of these issues did you contact your OBGYN or just your general practitioner to diagnose?

I'm mobile bumping so sorry in advance if it eats my punctuation!

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Re: Milk blister or plugged duct, or something else?

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