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screaming baby blues

My girls are 8 years apart. DD1 was 2 wks late. Was always a quiet easy going baby. DD2 came at 37 weeks and she is very fussy screams non stop anytime we go somewhere even though I just nursed her changed her diaper. She refuses to sleep half the time. Will not sleep in her bassinet.
She's 1 month this week. When do fussy babies start growing out of it? And could she be so fussy when not being held by never nursed because she was born early? Like she just needs me more?


Re: screaming baby blues

  • I dont think so on the being born early, my guy was 2 wks early and is fairly easy going.  I definitely think it has more to do with her age.  For us fussiness peaked around 7-8 wks and then mellowed down a ton and got easier.  Hang in there!
  • My DD was born 2 weeks early and isn't terribly fussy most of the time, though she does have her fussy days!  I think it's just every baby's different and some are more difficult and needy than others simply due to their unique personalities.  I'm sure she'll grow out of it eventually, just hang in there!
  • Your DD2 sounds just like my DS! He just turned 5 weeks and was born 2 days late. I definitely get where you are coming from. Sometimes I get depressed bc I feel like I cannot take him anywhere bc all he will do is fuss and ppl around will think I don't know how to calm my child. My son gets fussy and cluster feeds in the evenings. Or I think all I do all day is feed and hold my son while he sleeps on me. It's iffy if I can put him down for nap without waking him. Definitely cannot wait til he outgrows this!

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  • Hi!  Lurker here!  I have a 2.5 year old and a 6 week old.  Newborn fussiness tends to get worse (more crying, etc) until about 6 weeks, when it peaks.  Then it gets better from there.  My daughter was that way, and my son at 6 weeks seems to be the same.  Colic and fussiness will NOT last forever (it just seems like it will lol).  Some babies are easier than others, but all get a lot better by about 3 months.  Hang in there!!
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  • Thanks ladies! I guess I just feel so bad when she gets fussy. She's normally super happy when we are home LOL. So guess I'll just rope my husband into doing some of the errands until she grows out of this stage instead of taking her with me. Glad to know it starts to peak soon!

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    Mine will be 8 wks on Mon and still is super fussy. Can't wait for it to get better. She can be smiling one min and screaming the next.
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  • my little guy was the worst around 6 weeks, and now at 8 weeks seems to be calming down.  He still has periods of being super fussy even after just being nursed and changed, but those periods are much shorter now, and he is more easily calmed.

    I've heard most babies grow out of it by 12 weeks.

    After going out to dinner a couple times and not eating the whole time, and taking him on car trips during the really bad times and listening to the blood-curdlng screams, we've just elected not to take him out in the evenings.

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  • My dd is like this. I find my k'tan/wrap/manduca to be a huge lifesaver. I can go about my business and she's calm in it. It's how I get anything done. might be worth trying. Good luck!  
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