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baby's eye color

My LO was born with slate gray eyes, which have recently turned blue! I'm not sure if they'll stay blue or keep changing. I have hazel/green eyes, DH has brown eyes.

We have 2 other kids - one has brown eyes, the other has hazel-green like me. Blue would be a surprise!

Have your LO's eyes changed color yet?

Re: baby's eye color

  • DD was born with navy blue eyes. Now they're dark brown.
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  • I have blue/green eyes with a brown pie slice in my right eye and dh has dark brown eyes. Dd's eyes were dark blue for maybe two days but now they're brown.

    Oddly enough though, they're the shade of brown that my pie slice is, not dh's dark brown!

  • LO still has the blue he was born with. DH has blue eyes, my mother has blue eyes, I have hazel eyes. So we're figuring his odds of keeping blue are pretty good.
  • Both boys were born with the typical newborn dark blue.

    DS1s turn a light blue gray color by six months and now at 20 months they are turning greenish.

    DS2s have turned a lighter more true blue already.

    My husband has blue and I have hazel.


  • DS was born with dark cobalt blue eyes. Now they're a lighter grayish blue. Mine are a greenish hazel an DH are a blueish hazel. Just curious how much more they're going to change too!
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  • Baby's bio dad and I both have green eyes - his tend to look more blue-ish, depending on the lighting and what he's wearing. Right now LO's are still very blue. People do compliment his pretty eyes, but I secretly hope they turn green like mine eventually Wink
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  • Kota26Kota26
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    They are a dark slate gray right now. I also have gray eyes and DH has brown eyes. Everyone in DH's family has brown eyes, but my LOs first cousin has blue it is possible that my husband is heterozygous.  
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  • My eyes were bright blue until age 2 and then changed to green/hazel. You never know.
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  • DH and I both have dark brown eyes, and both part Mexican. But DS's eyes were born dark blue, and still very blue. I'm surprised they haven't changed much yet, but my mom has hazel eyes, and DH has a brother with blue or hazel. So it may be possible he keeps them.

    DS also has very light hair still, which is surprising too. 

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  • meglewmeglew
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    image kmornelas29:
    My eyes were bright blue until age 2 and then changed to green/hazel. You never know.

    This was DD #1 as well!  I was so sad because I have blue eyes and I really wanted DD to as well.  DD #2 has blue eyes that keep getting lighter and are more of a crystal blue.  They are the first thing most people notice and comment on.  I really hope they don't change color!

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    DD #2 - 03.13
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