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First Time Mom.....How are you?

DH and I are expecting our 1st in Dec. I have 2 other women at work that are also expecting their 1st, one a week ahead of me and one due in Oct. I thought it was going to be nice to have ladies that I see every day to chat about what was going on for us, but they don't seem to want to. SO here I am.....

So far I haven't gained much more than a couple of pounds, but none of my clothes fit, all my weight has apparently shifted. There's no real bump yet, is it odd to buy maternity clothes already? Where is a good place to look?

 I've apparently been pretty luck, not a lot of sickness, just really love to sleep. 

 How are all you other ladies doing? 

Re: First Time Mom.....How are you?

  • I am the same. Just have been really tired. I seem to be getting my energy back slowly. I bought some maternity shorts from Motherhood because I have no shame and want to be comfortable. I also haven't gained weight but my clothes are uncomfy. Are you on the Dec BMB? That board is much more active than this one. 

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  • I just started getting debilitating morning sickness.. maybe that is why my pants still fit. Other than that, I'm pretty exhausted, and just trying to keep up with work and school. 
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  • Hello! It's gotta be nice not to deal with morning sickness. I'm 16 weeks and still trying to shake it.

    I've been in maternity clothes since about 12 weeks and I have much happier for it. I always check resale and thrift shops like hissyfits (found some great dresses here) and baby bloomers first, then goodwill. When they yield nothing I do motherhood, and burlington coat factory. Also, foldover waist skirts from old navy are so comfy in this heat. There isn't a lot of maternity near me so my options are a little limited. I would do more shopping online but I like to be able to look at what I'm buying.


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  • Hi! I am due in December with my first as well.  :) 

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  • I don't think it is too early to start shopping for maternity clothes. I am due with my first in September, and started wearing maternity pants around 12 weeks. I probably didn't need to, but it was so much more comfortable! Plus, there will come a time pretty soon where that is all you will be able to wear, and it is better to find a few pieces throughout the pregnancy rather than having to go on a shopping spree all at once. I haven't checked out any thrift shops yet, but was planning on going to a couple this weekend as I need to find a cute outfit for my upcoming shower. Motherhood maternity is pretty expensive. I have found some decent stuff at Kohls, Old Navy, and Target. Also, not sure what part of town you are in, but I heard that the Ross near Arrowhead has a maternity section. Good luck and hope the lack of pregnancy symptoms continues!!

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  • Congrats! I'm a first time mom too- expecting twins in September.  I didn't gain very much weight at the beginning and then it all just packed on, so beware!

    I know wear my maternity outfit which consists of dresses from old navy and target.  I just saw an add for Old Navy dresses for $15- definitely get a few in different colors they will be your best friend!  I also look at Targets clearance rack- just get a bigger size than you normally do and you should be all set. 

  • I'm due in December as well, and I am lucky enough to wear loose scrubs MF so I have just gotten 2 thingslarger shorts from Ross which were 12 and a maternity maxi skirt from Target that was 25. I did hear that the Ross at desert ridge had a good selection of maternity clothes, but since I don't have a bump yet I feel weird buying all maternity things. Maybe in a month or two Ill be ready =
  • I second PP on HIssyfits and Goodwill! I hadno clue goodwill had a maternity section, and one day stumbled on it and found some sweet scores. 

    Also Target and Old Navy if you want to watch the $$ but want brand new.

     I shopped at Destination Maternity a few times. If you stick to that side of the store and dont go over in the designer side you will be ok. They have great deals on nursing bras. I just bought and wore those through out my pregnancy, my boobs went from d's to h's :/ now they are at F's. OI.  

  • I just had my first baby on April 7th, and I'm doing great! Insurmountable love and joy for sure! If you have any FTM q's, I'd be happy to answer them :) 
  • Due in August with my first! A little girl and I'm beyond excited! Congrats to everyone
  • Due in August w my 1st pretty excited.
  • Check craigslist too, always postings for barely used maternity clothes at great prices. I'm due in April, started wearing maternity clothes about 15 weeks. Def more comfortable! 
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