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Ok so I have the fisher price bouncer and swing in one. I put lo in it last night. Turned on the vibration. I was cleaning up the living room and my dog comes over to me and I hear a strange noise. I look back and the seat has gone backwards! LO was buckled in but he still slid down, his head almost touching the floor, backwards. It scared me so bad. I didn't think it was possible to go back like that. My little guy straightens his legs out and I think he pushed himself up and back. Just a warning to anyone with it that this can happen. I don't my little guy can sit in it anymore because he moves so much.
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Re: Scary

  • That is so scary! I prob would have sh!t my pants haha. In glad your lo is ok though!

  • Is it the portable one that sits low to the ground? We have that one. 

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  • I think we have the same one, Good to know because I don't strap dd in very often, but I did notice that she started to wriggle her way down out of it :(

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  • image NVandGZ:
    Is it the portable one that sits low to the ground? We have that one.nbsp;

    Yes that one.
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