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GD... Confused...

I am SO confused. I have yet to see a dietician, won't be until Monday but I was advised to start testing Wednesday. Now, I have taken advice from GD diets I have seen on here and started adjusting my diet immediately. Ever since I started testing on Wednesday I have not had one elevated reading! And to be honest, not even close to being 140. Has anyone else had experience with this? I know my meter is working correctly.


Re: GD... Confused...

  • I have had very low reading for a few days but since I've been sick with a virus of some sort ( my toddler brought it home from school) my reading have been off eighter really high which is weird as food makes me puke ( sorry TMI)
  • When I was first diagnosed, it was very easy for me to control with diet. I was shooting for 120 2 hours after a meal and under 90 fasting.

    It's great that you are able to control with diet right now. I'm mobile, so I can't see how far along you are, but if you do end up on meds in the future, just remember it's not your "fault", it has everything to do with the hormones. GL mama!
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  • That means the adjustments you've made to your diet are working. You may have more adjustments made once you meet with your dietitian. GD does get harder to control the farther into pregnancy you are, so while things seem easy now don't be alarmed if that changes.
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  • I don't have GD yet but I am very close. My glucose level is high but when I test at home it comes back normal. You may want to discuss that with your doctor.
  • The glucose test is a sugar shock - you normally don't consume 100g of straight sugar in a sitting. There's fats, proteins, and other carbs that'll break down differently than a drink of liquid sugar, which is why you're seeing that you're easily controlled with diet.

    You may also find that you're sugars are fine, even if you eat some off-limit foods but you may find a "trigger" food that spikes your blood sugar. With DD, mine was rice - anything made with rice, had touched rice, could have probably be on the shelf near rice made my blood sugar shoot up.

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  • Ditto to what the others have said. I am "borderline" GD. I barely failed 2 of the tests. Same thing happened with my 1st pregnancy. It was/is pretty easy to control.
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