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So we took our DD to a pediatric gastro today. Our pediatrician told us to go because she hasn't gained anything and will be a month on Sunday. The doctor today said she isn't eating enough so he told us to give her 3 and a half ounces of water with 2 scoops of formula. He said she needs to eat this within 1 hour. Since 2pm we have been trying this and have gotten nowhere other than throwing a lot of formula out. I know its the first day trying this and it takes time but I'm just getting so I don't even know my emotion anymore. She has gas still so she still fusses because of that but the gripe water someone told me about seems to be working OK.
Sorry I just needed to vent.

Re: Gastrointeroligist

  • I'm sorry, that's tough. Can you look into seeing a feeding specialist in addition to the gastro?
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  • I'd question the formula preparation, bc not making it correctly can throw the balance off and make her electrolytes off.  (I've spent a lot of time in the hospital with DS).  I agree about maybe seeing a feeding specialist as well.  Also, is all the formula you've tried dairy?  Have to tried any soy?  

    You can also see if you can get some syringes to give her some extra formula that way.  Not ideal, but at least in the next few days try to get some more into her.   

     Is she still falling asleep during the feedings? 

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  • My H and I follow the directions on the formula container so I really don't understand. The gastro doctor works with feeding specialist and that is why he suggested trying to have her consume the 3 and a half ounces of water and 2 scoops of formula mixed every 3 hours. From what he said it makes 4 ounces of formula but she only gets through 2 ounces and like you asked if she falls asleep during feeding that is a yes. Is that normal? They did say she is colic but it could be caused by her feeding schedule and how she is not consuming enough throughout the day. We try to feed her every time we see she is hungry and like our pediatrician said, if she cries and she is not wet try to feed her because she needs as many calories as possible.

  • I still hate to be an alarmist, but you might want to get her heart checked as well.  Slow weight gain can be a sign as well as being sleepy during feedings.  At least if you get it checked it will rule that out as a problem.

      How did she do yesterday?

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